Silver Mario Amiibo is Now Available for Pre-Order

The Silver Mario Amiibo is available to pre-order with a release at the end of this month.

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MSBAUSTX1279d ago

Never heard of Silver Mario. I know of Metal Mario and I expect there are other diehard Mario and Nintendo f Amma s out there that will be critical of the title as well. If youre going to report on something, get the name of the character right. While it isnt a huge deal I would compare it to someone saying Rigid Snake instead of saying Solid Snake when refering to a Silver Gear, I mean Metal Gear game.

Skate-AK1278d ago

Well to be fair, the Amazone listing even says Silver Mario. Maybe it's a Canada thing because the link is to the Amazon Canada site. I agree and understand what you are saying though.

MSBAUSTX1278d ago

Yeah i thought about it after I commented and I feel like i was being petty. I was feeling a little critical when I woke up this morning. LOL.

Neonridr1278d ago

it's not really an Amazon listing, it's a seller listing it through

I got my hopes up thinking this was an official preorder..

DarkBlood1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Because its just silver mario like there is a gold mario amiibo it isnt meant to be any type of character other then with a specific function, its not that complex to worry about

Its called that here in canada and the states

Neonridr1278d ago

and if you are going to comment on something, I would get my facts straight first too. Or actually know what you are talking about.

We already had the standard Mario amiibo along with a Gold Mario. This one is exactly the same as the other two simply in Silver as opposed to regular or gold. It has nothing to do with Metal Mario.

lizard812881278d ago

Speaking of Amazon, is the American branch NOT taking any pre-orders this time around?!

smt_Nocturne1278d ago

what about Bronze Mario ?