World Without End: Creating a full-scale digital cosmos

They are scheduled to finish at the end of this year; at that time, they will invite millions of people to explore their creation, as a video game, packaged under the title No Man’s Sky.

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garos822395d ago

Absolutely breathtaking preview of the unfathomable majesty of No Man's Sky

I just can't wait to get lost in the cosmos :)

gangsta_red2395d ago

I do like the graphic style of the game.

garos822395d ago

the scope of it all just blows my mind and the techniques the team are using is fascinating

theXtReMe12395d ago

This is my dream game, though I am worried that these guys may never consider it done and we may never see it released. How do you tweak so many planets, to look interesting and not have flaws that keep you from traversing them? They obviously cant go planet to planet and physically fix everything, but they can tweak their equations to better define what they are looking for in its render and consistency. But, in doing so, they may cause other issues. Which is why Im worried that this may become a lesson in futility for them, causing each of them to go mad in the process of trying to perfect infinity.

Im excited for this game, but remain cautiously optimistic. Its one of those things that is going to blow the collective minds of the children inside all of us... but could also wake the cynical side of our psyche in its execution as more of a science project than a game. Something that looks great in demos and trailers... but comes across as slow and boring to the gaming public, when they actually grab a controller and play it. The lack of story and dialog is going to turn off a lot of people who have come to expect it from every title they play. Without that hand holding, leading me from mission to mission, why am I doing what Im doing? How is that going to play out for the casual gamer who needs a back story to understand where they are going and what they are doing?

I expect reviews to be all over the place for this. From best game ever made to WTF? Me, the first thing I do is explore every nook and cranny of every open world title I play. So it is a dream come true to know that this game is all about that... via an infinite number of planets, with infinite amounts of possibilities. For the sake of the developers sanity and the child inside of me, I hope this game turns out great.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2394d ago

The final frontier. These are the voyages of No Man's Sky.

HaHa_Ostrich2393d ago

So... a planet does not exist until it is discovered physicaly. Then its created on the fly by a "Super Formula" math algorythm with all the terrain and fauna and flora. Then what? Does it stay forever created in this unique random form, even for other players? Or does every player create his own universe?

Guyfamily9992393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The universe in its entirety is the same for all players, as the algorithms and seed were the same. It is created as you discover it, yet it already exists at that point in space for every single player. This sort of saddens me a little though, as it basically means that effects we make (such as explosions) won't really stay (I don't think). It literally couldn't be programmed, but it would be cool to have a shared universe of this practically infinite size, where you can go to a planet, build a house, and someone else might discover it months later.

On a side note, although I think this is a super cool game that I'm definitely buying, I'm kind of sad about how "rare" life forms might be. If you can only find a badass, 200 ft tall dinosaur on one in a million planets, I want some kind of way to find those planets. It would be cool if there was some community menu where the coolest places are shared, so you can go to this planet some guy found that has giant birds flying over volcanoes during tsunamis or something.

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