Gree's Vancouver Studio Shuts it's Doors, Cancels All Games

Vancouver game development takes another hit as Yaletown studio Gree shuts it's doors.

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MRBIGCAT1258d ago

This is too bad. Likely due to the poor canadian dollar right now.

kneon1258d ago

I don't think so, the lower dollar makes it cheaper to develop in Canada.

MRBIGCAT1257d ago

Could really just boil down to how expensive it is to develop in Vancouver. Not to mention Vancouver doesn't get the tax breaks other provinces do. Ubi Vancouver closed, Rockstar Vancouver closed, Radical closed. Too many in the past 4-5 years.

Digital_Anomaly1258d ago

There's lots of Canadian gaming companies doing just fine. I hate to be the cynic but I bet it has more to do with the quality of what they were pushing to market.

OrangePowerz1258d ago

It doesn't necessarily have to do with quality. Sometimes you can have a quality product but people still don't buy it.

ShaunCameron1257d ago

Agreed. Quality doesn't always equal sales.