First Madden NFL 16 Gameplay Trailer

Madden School writes, "The first Madden NFL 16 trailer is now out. It features the 4 players in the Madden 16 cover tournament. Those players are Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, and the Madden 16 cover athlete Odell Beckham Jr."

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InTheZoneAC2390d ago

so they are bringing back all the non defendable super jumps...

InTheZoneAC2390d ago

when has antonio brown outjumped a DB?

Jughead34162390d ago

Just like every year for the past decade, I'll be getting Madden. But I wouldn't mind them taking a break for a year, and really put some time into making a true current gen football game. No matter what changes and improvements they say they make, it overall feels like the same game every year.

gangsta_red2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I really don't see a reason why they couldn't maybe update the game through FREE downloads.

They already update character stats and rosters is not a problem. I'm sure they don't mocap each individual new player from the yearly draft so adding players through updates shouldn't be a problem.

EA should release a new Madden every 3 years.

kenmid2390d ago

you do realized EA is in the business to make money?

Thefreeman0122390d ago

I agree, there really isnt any innovation being made when they have these annual installations. Its just updated rosters, tweaked code and slightly different modes.

They might even make more money if they just added a yearly DLC of like $15-20 bucks instead. Because who is honestly buying the same madden, or nba, or nhl or fifa every year..

gangsta_red2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

"you do realized EA is in the business to make money?"

Yes I do, and I also realize this is a forum and we are here to discuss games. So i am discussing games and adding my thoughts to what Jughead stated.

Maybe a subscription model for EA Sports? like 30 a year and you get updates, downloads and roster changes every year for every EA sports title you own.

I'm sure that could work.

Jughead34162390d ago

Of course we all know EA is in the business to make money. They're not just making games for fun. I love Madden. But c'mon man. This is the same game every year. After seeing the trailer, I'm not convinced that it's any different from last year. I think this is what happens when you have no competition. If 2k threw its hat back in the ring, I bet Madden will give us some real upgrades.

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Macdaddy712390d ago

I have to agree with jughead just update the roster maybe for a Small very small price lol,.. N take a year off and make us a great football game!!!! Take time to add something really awesome for fans,..

jbrock112390d ago

Same old sh*t. It's useless to complain anymore.

dcbronco2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

They'll keep releasing them annually because people are willing to pay for this crap. People should stop so that they will lose the exclusive rights and 2k can bring innovation back to America's pastime(which is not baseball if anyone was thinking it). Same stiff a-- players.

DEEBO2390d ago

Damn it still looks the same.please MS let the Joe Montana rumor be true.

I'm not going buy it this year my first year I will miss Madden since madden01.

Kribwalker2390d ago

Last madden was the first I didn't buy in 15 years, but I did get it free on EA Access in early Feb, so I still got my madden game time in

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