CD Projekt RED encodes secret message in The Witcher 3 trailer; thanks fans for continual support

In the latest The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer, CD Projekt RED encoded a secret message to all of its fans; thanking them for the continual support.

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Perjoss1252d ago

I really like CD Projekt RED. I really wish in a moment of madness some of the larger games companies would follow in their footsteps in how to make games and to treat the people that buy their games more like fans and less like consumers.

Dude4201252d ago

"PS: In terms of scale, let us just say that the town of Novigrad in our game has over 2000 openable doors! Imagine the mass of load time it would generate in the Witcher 1 ;)"

Hahahaha, oh boy, I remember this from the first game all too well.