The Conduit developer interview

Game Trailers have posted up a developer interview for The Conduit. Learn everything you need to know about this upcoming Wii FPS.

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Roleplayer3742d ago

this looks like the most 'adult' game on the Wii yet !

TruthbeTold3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I can't stand the false idea that somehow more violence and shooting makes a game more adult. I can see how the idea came about since such games are supposedly forbidden/not recommended for children. However, the truth is countless kids play violent games anyway. It could probably be argued that the 16 and under group is at least equal to or surpasses the older group in number when it comes to those types of games.

The bottom line? Shooting/Violent games are considered "more adult" solely because society's front that pretends that we must and are protecting kids from violence in entertainment form. To me, an adult game is one like Zack and Wiki, regardless of what it looks like. I'd like to see a little kid pass that one...

Anyway, all of that being said, yeah this game looks like it's going to kick ass, and appeal to core gamers regardless of their age or preferred console. Considering that it's 3rd party, and doesn't have Mario or Link in it these guys get major props.