Ve3tro: E3 08: Dead Space Hands On

After hands on time with the Dead Space demo today at E3 you can safely put to bed that Dead Space is going to be the survival horror experience of the year. Set aboard the space mining ship the USG Ishimura, Engineer Isaac Clark is sent to his doom.

Ve3tro visited EA's "behind closed doors" room today at E3 to check out this title. You've seen the trailers, you've seen the gore. It plays better, scarier, and funner than videos. Here at Ve3tro we managed to play the opening level of the game.

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ironcreed3741d ago

Flame away if you wish, but that is just my take on this game based on what I have seen. RE5 will without question receive more acclaim because it is an established legendary franchise, but I truly believe that Dead Space will be the better game.

RE5 looks like spit shined RE4 in a different environment, and it will be a great game. However, Dead Space has a completely unique environment that is kind of like a cross between the movies Event Horizon and Alien crossed with a RE4 style set up, but pushed to another level in regards to the overall survival horror aspects and atmosphere.

Some of the enemies that have been shown are just pure horror, no tired old zombies here. The art design of these monstrosities look like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story and make sounds like something out of Evil Dead. The only way to kill these nasties that you will encounter is by strategic dismemberment with make shift weapons out of mining tools and limited amounts of ammo. Survival horror at it's finest and in an exciting, fresh new IP.

battery3741d ago

I agree 100%.

It doesn't seem to be getting that much attention from the press though

allexx_23741d ago

Yeah this game ain't getting much attention but its going to kick major butt and scare the living crap out of me. Can't wait for this and i hope this gets more attention from the press. Just get both RE5 and this and enjoy both games to the fullest. :D