Bloodborne's Insanely Convoluted Rules for Playing Chalice Dungeons With Friends

The Chalice Dungeons are fantastic in concept -- endlessly repeatable, randomized levels you can play with your friends -- but in practice, they're dreadfully boring, with repetitive layouts and environments, the same enemies recycled over and over, and an overall malaise that the rest of the game is thankfully without. That's why the inclusion of real cooperative play with friends -- a first for the series -- is a godsend.

Or it would be, if it weren't so insanely, unreasonably convoluted.

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wsoutlaw872390d ago

This article is pretty bad. Despite the incorrect info about covenants, every one knows how to join a friend. This acts like setting a password is hard. Its the same rules for summoning that the entire game has, and was figured out the day the game released. It takes me 15-20 seconds at the most to get in my friends game.

Spotie2390d ago

Many of that site's articles are as uninformed. I don't know what their agenda is, but they're not exactly one of the more reliable sites around.