Where are all the Superhero Games?

Marvel is a hulk-busting giant at the box office, but for some reason cannot find a proper foothold in the gaming market, which turns out to be its kryptonite. What makes it so difficult for superheroes to find success in the industry?

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ValKilmer2392d ago

I must admit, it would have been cool to play as Hulkbuster.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

If Superman doesn't get a frigging game soon I'm gonna be peeved. Especially after the man of steel movie and the upcoming Batman vs Superman. Batman is cool and all but Superman is still the greatest.

TheFirstClassic2392d ago

Batman>>>>>> >Superman

But we do need a good Superman game. The man of steel has never had a good showing in the video game world.

SuperBlur2392d ago

Amen, totally not bias toward supes


deathtok2392d ago

Careful what you wish for...

Superman 64 on Virtual Console coming soon! ZOMG!

mkis0072392d ago

Until it can be done right he needs a break.He is much too powerful for a not stupid game to be made. His flying would not be a problem if he was not invulnerable.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2392d ago


And I think we need a dev like Rockstar to do it. As they can make a believable open world an I can imagine hovering above the city and hearing a scream for help. Even photography is in the gta 5 already perfect place for Superman.

MisfitsInc2391d ago

Superman has only had maybe 2 good games. the problem with making a Superman game is that he has to be way overpowered, and that makes the game boring

jb2272391d ago

I think he will in some form. Seems like WB is going to extend the Arkham franchise to contain spin offs that will support the upcoming DC flicks. WB Montreal hinted heavily towards a Suicide Squad game at the end of Arkham Origins & the dual play mechanic in Arkham Knight pretty much screams foundation work for a Justice League tie in title. Whether or not they'll be any good is anyone's guess, seems like Suicide Squad could be decent at best w/ Montreal's track record & Rocksteady would have quite a bit of time to work on a JL game if the flicks aren't releasing until 2017-2018, but if WB give them hard deadlines then that could cause problems.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2392d ago

Rocksteady and Spawn............someday.....

gangsta_red2392d ago

It is pretty amazing and also very telling how there hasn't been a huge super hero tie in video game to a movie. I mean not to long ago gamers were plagued with shoddy games rushed to make it for the release of the movie.

People always complained but they still seem to come. But they quietly just disappeared. You would think that devs would give it another go with the popularity of super hero movies recently.

WeAreLegion2392d ago

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is just sitting over here like :/

Thunder_G0d_Bane2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

We don't need movie tie ins. Those can stay dead.

We need more devs like Rocksteady who will take a super hero and make an amazing game. Arkham asylum was not a movie tie in.

Antifan2392d ago

I'm sure Legos Age of Ultron is coming lol.

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