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EB: Barnyard Intelligence’s High Strangeness is the first 12-bit game in history, well the first game to blend 8 and 16-bit gameplay at least, and it also is the first game to be successfully funded on Kickstarter, giving it two accolades before it even went to retail. Its classic RPG/Adventure game roots are clear from the onset – it just takes one glimpse of the visuals and a few bars of the soundtrack to realize its heritage – with titles like Zelda and Secret of Mana having heavy influences on its design. High Strangeness doesn’t offer as deep of an experience as the games it pays homage too, but for the low asking price ($10 on PC and Wii U) and pure nostalgia factor it offers older gamers, it still manages to charm at times, but ultimately feels like a casual experience that doesn’t suck you in like the aforementioned classics that its developers used for inspiration.

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tacotruck1306d ago

I checked this game out at PAX East two years ago, seems like there are a few parts that interest me.