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pompombrum2390d ago

Lol news about the news. Sounds about right for the game with "I don't even have time to tell you why I don't have time" or whatever the line was.

Still, I'd rather they took their time than release it with a major bug.

Tetsujin2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This is one of the reasons why I stopped playing. I get tired of the cryptic messages they try to use only to be disappointed later by their lack of communication with the player base.

JWiLL5522389d ago

You can't be serious. Bungie has been incredibly responsive with the community.

--Onilink--2389d ago

seriously? they basically communicate several times week, give incredibly detailed updates, etc

and right now they are saying they found a critical bug in the update so they delayed it, how is that cryptic?

2389d ago