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MGO undoubtedly has potential. It's a solid online action game, the Team Sneak and Sneak modes have a lot of promise, and the more Konami can tap the love people feel for the series, by adding familiar characters or environments through downloadable expansions, the stronger it will be. All the same, it's hard not to feel a slight sense of disappointment.

MGO is good, but anyone expecting an online experience as superb as that of Halo 3 or CoD4 - or Splinter Cell: Double Agent if you want another point of comparison - won't find it here quite yet. That verdict might not stand forever, but for now while this is a fine way to squeeze more value out of MGS4 if you have it, it's not a reason to buy it if you haven't done so already.

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sonarus3742d ago

Wow. I played splinter cell double agent and online mode is trash compared to this. As far as i remember there was only one mode in Splinter cell double agent. I will write a review when i have the time but MGO is an excellent experience for someone looking to try something new

dro3742d ago

mgo i dont even play it...instead i just play the game over again rather than play online, it let me down a lot because its to slow and it does not have that fun factor that u have when playing cod4.if they add a patch to make the online play faster and and a run button mgo will be a lot more fun.

JVIDICAN3742d ago

you get speed by using upgrades in that area
give it another chance, play with some people here on fridays its fun as hell ;)

sonarus3742d ago

Yes the game is slow but that doesn't mean its not as much fun. MGO is miles ahead of double agent its not even funny. USe upgrades to increase your speed if you want to go faster

socomnick3742d ago

Miles ahead of double agent maybe. Ahead or Chaos theory no way in frigging hell.

sonarus3742d ago

I played chaos theory online coop and that was it. I didn't play any of their deathmatch type stuff. But MGO is miles ahead of double agent. I won't compare coop with multiplayer because its not the same.

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ParadoxicalAssassin3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I'm so pissed because of the online problems I have with MGO lately. Hey I have been doing very well, but never seem to get over level 5, do i have to master many skills to rank up?

dro3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

how do u upgrade ? i still dont know....every time i give it another chance the pace of the speed just lets me down

ParadoxicalAssassin3742d ago

i upgraded my runner skill, and I run pretty fast compared to before. Now snipers get a hard time trying to get a headshot on me.

1stKnighT3742d ago

I think he wanted to say Chaos Theory.

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