Minecraft is King of Games on YouTube

The crafting juggernaut tops YouTube's "Let's Play Day" Top 10 of All Time list

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Digital_Anomaly2390d ago

I think my kid might be leading the charge on watching Minecraft shit. IT'S ALL HE DOES.

Christ, when I was his age I was neck deep in porn.... where did I go wrong with him?

medman2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Check the testicles....they usually go wrong in that region. If there is a problem, give them a few swift knocks, that should correct the issue. But seriously, my childhood was zelda, mario, punchout, rc pro am, castlevania, ghosts and goblins, pole position, metroid, contra, etc. etc. etc....I thought those were great. I find it hard to believe I would find Minecraft as good, but the sad thing is if I were a kid I probably would. The horrors.

3-4-52390d ago

* It's enjoyable to constantly make progress towards whatever you want and visually see your area of the world progress via what you did.

It's a nice enjoyable relaxing game.

Different that others, but not sure why it gets hate.

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generalwinter2390d ago

Everyone bashes Minecraft but it is a very good game for kids to play - it's basically Lego. It encourages creativity. All the haters need to shut it.

Digital_Anomaly2390d ago

Oh for sure I do like the fact that it drops you in with literally no instructions. You go in and figure it out for yourself. The stuff my kid has come up with is mind boggling to me!

Azurite2390d ago

Everyone bashes Minecraft?
When did this happen?

user74029312390d ago

the unfinished swan is underrated, its a great game like minecraft.

uth112390d ago

my daughter is addicted to watching "The diamond Minecart" and Stampy everyday. Both popular minecraft you tubers.

RiseofScorpio2390d ago

Same with my sis, to each their own I guess.

Pogmathoin2390d ago

God, Stampys voice..... My son watches his channel non stop..... That and ballistic squid...... Unreal..... When I was that age, was using a pencil to carefully rewind ZX48 cassettes.....

uth112390d ago

I know what you mean.. that laugh of his just grates.

But he's going places, he just got a minecraft cartoon series

Protagonist2390d ago

Made a search Google on The diamond Minecart, because I had no Idea who it was. The freaking guy - The diamond Minecart has 6,188,855 subscribers and 2,998,289,067 views just by making Minecraft videos...WTF?????

uth112390d ago

well he is creative and tells entertaining stories in minecraft, I'll give him that.

He also uses heavily modded minecraft. I think he may even create his own mods, otherwise I have no idea how he makes the game do what it does.

Protagonist2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

You got a link with him "making the game do what it does".

I´m asking because I would have no idea what to search for, since I never really played minecraft, but the heavily modded part evoked my interest.

uth112390d ago

Here's one

But in every video I've seen, he does stuff that can't be done in vanilla minecraft

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lolosgolos2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I'm wondering what I'm missing with this game, does age matter or have I lost my creative nature?

Timesplitter142390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

minecraft can be a fun game if you play with friends. When my friends and I played it, we basically used it as some kind of "hangout" where we would just talk about anything while building things

Pogmathoin2390d ago

Nothing better than a mountainous seed and going creative mode with TNT goodness....

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