Cubed 3 Preview: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Karn Bianco writes:

''I would like to preface my impressions of The Dark Brotherhood by saying that I am both a longtime Sonic fan, and a big admirer of BioWare's work. Of course, I never expected the two to come together quite like they have, but I have endeavored to keep an open mind. Ben and myself have now experienced the first hour or so of Sonic Chronicles, which is more than enough time to get an impression of most of its key elements. Elements like the overworld, for example.

Navigating the overworld is handled entirely with the touch screen. Pointing at a location with the stylus will force the currently-controlled character to move in that direction, a la The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Although the game is party-based, only one member of your party will appear on the overworld at any given time. It is, however, possible to swap between characters on the fly. Doing so is essential for navigating to certain areas, for example those that are blocked off by crates that only Amy and her over-sized hammer can deal with.

Rings, which serve as the game's currency, and NPCs are scattered about in various locations. Enemies also wander around non-town environments, allowing you to avoid battles (more on those later) if you prefer. Certain objects, for example loop-the-loops and climbable rock faces, can be interacted with by tapping context-sensitive buttons which appear on the touch screen when your main character is in close proximity to them. It may be not be as fast as Sonic fans will be used to, but it all feels pretty smooth. Wouldn't you say, Ben?''

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