Splatoon: First Look and Impressions

Over the weekend, The Game Bolt had the chance to check out the Splatoon Global Testfire beta. While it was short lived, They still had a blast. Here is your first look into the colorful world of Splatoon!

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darthv721306d ago

i certainly had fun with it. turning off the motion controls really made a difference as i was no longer struggling to use the thumbstick and the gyro at the same time for looking around.

It's fun. i really hope it appeals to the squad based crowd. it's not gory and destructive but pure and simple fun.

Mega_Volnutt1306d ago

I think Nintendo fans won't have to envy Black Ops 3 not coming to Wii U this year. With this game, Devils Third, Xenoblade Chr. X and Halo 5 for those with an Xbone, are already set for this year of gaming. May the farce be with you, fellow Regginians...

meche3341306d ago

Imo they still need Bo3

Mega_Volnutt1306d ago

It won't happen Meche and us Nintendo fans not care for half-ass ports, with cut off content. Activision can take a hike with it's monotonous Call of Duties. COD for me died after Black Ops 1. All prior COD'S of BO1 where the good ones, specially World at War. But it's all gone to shit now...

wonderfulmonkeyman1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


Black Ops 3, if it came to the Wii U, would not have all of its extra maps available to purchase.
This assumption is based off of the last two ports for the Wii U, both of which lacked all but one of their DLC maps.

Devil's Third, on the other hand, will have extra DLC maps ON TOP of a way of BUILDING OUR OWN.
And that's before mentioning the unique modes and large variety in strange, unique, funny and cool customization for player avatars that CoD'S focus on realism has never allowed. (jet packs, lions heads, etc)

Now, tell me honestly: Do you really think that we need CoD over Devil's Third, when DT offers us more options than CoD, and thus a more entertaining and reliable shooter?

And before you answer, let me put this out there: Its popularity is not a reason why the system needs it. Popularity didn't convince players to choose the last two ports, so it wouldn't help the sales of this one, either.
CoD's popularity wouldn't help the Wii U's sales.

Mega_Volnutt1306d ago


To hell with Devil's Third LOL, all I want to play now is Splatoon. The beta last weekend was so much fun and leaved me like a maniac addict asking hysterically for more. I never had this feeling before with COD. Splatoon has awakened in me, this Christmas morning emotions that no game has never done before since the n64 and psx. The excitement is for real. Regiie Fils-Aime approved this message. :ó