Naughty Dog On Why They Don't Do First Person, Camera Differences Between Uncharted & TLOU

Naughty Dog's Josh Scherr and Ricky Cambier expanded on some camera-related topics about their games.

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ccgr1257d ago

I still prefer FPS for action, but if the story is good I'm fine with third-person

Imp0ssibl31257d ago

They both have their pro & con really. It's basically the same to me in most cases

breakpad1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Third person hands down the best camera option as with it you r not losing the identity of you character and the character/protagonist is more memorable creating a more immersive experience ...IMO is also more demanding from developer standpoint to code as it needs animations (so it gives you somehow an assurance that they worked a bit more on the game)

Army_of_Darkness1256d ago

This is definitely one of the main reasons why naughty dog characters have been and always will be memorable. 3rd person perspective. You see them interact with the world they live in at all times, while walking in their shoes and going through their pain and struggles.

badz1491256d ago

3rd person all day everyday!

adventure games should always be TPS IMO. being an FPS is the reason I can't get into FarCry or Dying Light for example despite so many people saying those games are great. I play FPS too but for adventure game like Far Cry, GTA, Just Cause, Uncharted, TLoU or Dying Light or Bioshock even...I prefer them to be TPS. I just prefer them that way.

subtenko1256d ago

They indeed do, but naughtydog could pull it off...if not I'd like to join their team. Baby steps tho..err...puppy steps.

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wakeNbake1257d ago

Yeah FPS is more immersive in most games, I feel.

InTheZoneAC1257d ago

maybe for shooting games, but games like uncharted and TLOU wouldn't feel right in first person, and I don't think you could play as a character the developers want to create and get the same feeling as you're playing.

LavaLampGoo1257d ago

Gotta say I go the other way. When Im gaming I dont want a nameless/faceless chartacter to project myself onto, I want a character with their own personality and cones across much better in thrid person

subtenko1256d ago

Is is when you play with the Morpheous... playing morpheous with a 3rd person game may not do much justice compared to playing in first person.

Key difference. YOU are more immersed in the world..where as third person, you see MORE of the world. There's a difference

DanteVFenris6661257d ago

Too me it's about variety. When I play too many fps I want to play tps. When I play too many tps I want to play fps. Of course than when I play too much of both I move to a different genre of games entitley for a bit.

Alexious1257d ago

Like isometric strategy games?

DanteVFenris6661256d ago

@alexious I like any game. So yea I don't play that genre often but every once in a while Ill play one

Rimeskeem1256d ago

IMO TPS makes me feel like I'm playing in a movie and I personally like that feeling.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1257d ago

I don't like First person games to be honest. My library of games is very limited in that regard. 3rd person has always been my choice as I like to see my character and all my customization. A waking gun or a camera that you can't even see your character's legs isn't my thing. It's also more stressful and gives me motion sick at times.

Mostafeto1257d ago

This explains everything I feel, because in third person just like you said, I like to see my customization and the way my character looks and moves, it makes you feel much more connected to it than just seeing the game popping out from your character's eyes

jocomat91256d ago

i like both but i little more 3rd as well. Hence why i love Fallout for having both.

bondsmx1257d ago

Would love to see what ND could do with an fps game thought. Even a prototype or something, they are an incredible studio.

Alexious1256d ago

Agree with that, they're an amazing studio and I'm sure they'd make a great FPS if they really got into the mindset of doing it!

Festano1257d ago

Good, first person makes me sick!

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