DICE currently working on Cockpits views for Star Wars Battlefront; Jetpacks can take down AT-ATs

In the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine, DICE revealed that they're currently working on Cockpit and external views for every vehicle featured throughout Star Wars Battlefront.

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WizzroSupreme1254d ago

Okay, so where were those jetpacks in Episode V then?

Summons751254d ago

They were in the universe, don't see why you have to nitpick...oh wait because its cool to hate on this game for no reason.

MysticStrummer1254d ago

He wants the battles to be consistent with the movies, so that means Darth Vader won't show up until the end of a big battle and then he'll just walk around. It would be so cool that way, after all.

Anthotis1254d ago

I was gonna ask how much the jetpack and cockpit view DLCs will cost, or will they be sold as a bundle?

bloop1254d ago

Well, Boba had a jetpack, so..........

madjedi1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Well Boba Fett had one strapped to his back, so I think it is already a pre existing technology, within the star wars universe.

Especially since episode II predates episode V and jango also had a jetpack.

What is the point of forcing the game to play out, exactly like the movie everyone know the rebels lose hoth.

Hopefully they add space battles later on, even if it is in the form of dlc.

OUROSMAG1253d ago

Mandalorians had them stockpiled.

kingeliran1253d ago

Jetpacks and no iron sights. Yep its one of those bunny hopping shooter games for casual gamers who cant aim and just blast everywhere...

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Koopdogg1254d ago

Just keeps on getting better and i dont even know whether i'm being sarcastic or not !!!!

Stay focused,stay real,stay calm,stay happy "Games gonna be awesome" *twiddles thumbs*

ps4fanboy1254d ago

This game is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun , even if you ain't a star wars fan.

SolidStoner1254d ago

Im Battlefield fan.. looking forward to this! :) could be amazing fun knowing what Frostbite engine can do!

Aenea1253d ago

Exactly, I love the visuals in both Hardline and BF4, I know this is gonna look good.

And I love me some pew pew!

fllysurfer1254d ago

I think you cant be a purist to enjoy this game... if you get into the nitty gritty of the story the game will fail (for you).

pandehz1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Game looks fun. Thats what matters. I want a well polished game. Thats all i demand. If they fail at that, well, life goes on. Many more games to buy this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.