Gamervision Preview: Prince of Persia

Gamervision reports:

''During Ubisoft's press conference (which I liveblogged here), developer Ben Mattis took the stage to demo the new Prince of Persia and narrate a play-through of one of the earlier levels of the game. I didn't get to actually play, but watching him definitely gave me a feel for what the new Prince of Persia has to offer. The graphics, of course, are fantastic, and the new illustrative style gives Okami a run for its money when it comes to style.

Elika, the Prince's cooperative companion, fills many roles throughout the game. When the developers first explained that she would follow the Prince without encumbering him I was reluctant to believe it, but watching the gameplay made me realize that she not only doesn't hinder him, but actually helps. She serves as more of an extension of the Prince, teleporting in front of the him to throw him to a ledge, aiding him in combat, and even eliminating death from the game by bringing him back to the most recent safe platform.''

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