The Sega Saturn turned 20 (part two, games 10-1)

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Yesterday we talked about the Sega Saturn (which recently turned 20 years old) and began a countdown of the best games released the tragically short-lived console. Today we take a look at our top ten - which game is number one? The answer might surprise you.

10) Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

The addition of teammates made this title stand out from most of the other one-on-one fighting games on the market at the time and would later set the foundation for the future Marvel vs Capcom titles that became immensely popular. Like Grandia, this game did not come out on the Saturn in the US. However, unlike Grandia, you could easily play this one because it was a fighter that required far less reading than a JRPG. Additionally, this version of the game actually ran better than its often stuttering PlayStation counterpart, feeling truer to its arcade origins.

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darthv721279d ago

nice selection of games in the 1st and 2nd part. overall...the saturn has a very nice lineup of games. Playstation may have been more diverse but saturn had more that appealed to me.

20 years of enjoyment and counting.

Chalgyr1279d ago

Overall I tend to agree. Obviously the PS with it's longer life span had a larger selection of games, and the Saturn really made a mistake releasing too early without enough games to support it. I bought the PlayStation when it first came out, and my best friend bought a Saturn, so we had the best of both worlds between us. However, looking back, I do feel like I miss the Saturn games just a bit more. Thanks for commenting - I'm glad you liked the list of games!