Gamervision Hands-On Left 4 Dead

Veggie Jackson reports:

''Valve has always been known as a focused company. Rather than spread their resources thin on several titles at once, they tend to concentrate on one game, polishing it as much as possible. That's why it's no surprise that their booth at E3 this year included only one tile: Left 4 Dead. We got a chance to get our hands on the hotly anticipated co-op survival horror game, and from all indications, Valve has another major hit on their hands.

The level we got to play started the four of us off on a small rooftop filled with shotguns, submachine guns, ammo and health packs; all vital possessions for a night out in the apocalyptic wasteland that awaited us. After loading up, we opened the door to go downstairs and were immediately greeted by one of "The Infected": zombie-like enemies that plague us throughout the game. Despite the initial shock, I managed to unload a shotgun blast at him, separating his head from his body. I take a deep breath and we head downstairs. As we search the house for an exit, we're confronted with a few Infected, which we dispatch with relative ease. Our squad of survivors does a fine job of sticking together, quick to back each other up when attacked. Once we get outside, however, some of us find our way to the next building quickly and some don't, and we're split into two groups.''

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