Red Dual Shock 4 finally hitting US on June 30, GameStop exclusive

The magma red Dual Shock 4 is coming out in the US this summer, nearly two years after it hit Europe. It will be GameStop exclusive.

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Neonridr2395d ago

hmmmm.. do I need a 3rd controller??


Gamesgbkiller2395d ago

Someday you will when the sticks wear-off.

GarrusVakarian2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

The stick material was revised ages ago...

Masterchief_thegoat2395d ago

Gamesgbkiller damm son that joke was old news. next time troll a better one

nucky642395d ago

got my ps4 in march of 2014 - never had any trouble at all.

PersonMan2395d ago

I have a launch day controller (used for PS3 gaming) and a blue controller (for PS4) and my sticks don't show any signs of wear.

GetSomeLoGiK2395d ago

I swear, those people must've been rubbing their analog sticks like a madman cause I had mine for close to a year and still looks brand new. It's called taking care of your stuff.

Aenea2395d ago

No need, you can send them back free of charge to Sony and get a new one back in a week or two.

I've send the red one back because the sticks were tearing already. I'm careful with my stuff, I really, really am, heck, so much so people don't even notice I've read books 'cos I read them in a way the back doesn't crack. Anyhoo, it just happens after a while.

jholden32492395d ago

My sticks are good, it's that dang STICKER that wears off a month after playing with it. Nasty adhesive left on the controller gets on your fingers...

Rimeskeem2395d ago

I don't understand this problem. I have played on the same controller for a year and nothing bad has happened to my sticks. 240 hours in BF4 at least.

Neonridr2395d ago

my black one is a launch controller and it is perfect fine. And I've logged several hundreds of hours on Destiny with no issues.

I don't play all the time though, so it's possible the sticks could wear out, but so far so good.

Gamesgbkiller2394d ago

I don't get it myself.

I heard many people complaining about the stick like every week or so.

Sorry if you see it as a troll. Have a nice day people. Play safe :)

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Kurisu2395d ago

I'm in the UK so I've had the chance to get this for a while, but I chose the blue dualshock 4 to go with my white console. If I ever decide to get a third it will be a red one :)

Aenea2395d ago

Yes, yes you do! I've got four of them, black, blue, red and white! Am hoping they won't release any more, hahaha :)

Granted, I got one paired with my PS3 since I just couldn't go back to using the DualShock 3 anymore.

Masterchief_thegoat2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

i hope green controller comes by.. nothing wrong with red but green is my style

Kurisu2395d ago

A lime green colour would be pretty snazzy :D I used to love my lime green Nintendo Colour.

Blackleg-sanji2395d ago

There's an official green on??!! Favorite color

Kingdomcome2472395d ago

I want a hunter/forest green controller.

pivotplease2395d ago

If they released green and purple I would get them just to complete the PlayStation colours lol. I already have white, black, and blue too so my controller stock is bordering on excessive.

masterfox2395d ago

Finally the times has come to replace my PS4 controller!, all this time been playing with a almost broken R2 trigger :/

Shineon2395d ago

How about a new battery!

FITgamer2395d ago

...or just allowing us to completely disable the light bar.

dcj05242395d ago

It's the touchpad that sucks the battery

xHeavYx2395d ago

Actually, the vibration consumes more battery than those 2 things.

pivotplease2395d ago

Yeah they should have planned out the battery to be closer to the PS3 ones. Those lasted forever, until they got really old like most rechargeable batteries. It's a shame because the lightbar and touchpad have yet to see significant use. Hopefully the OS and games will work up to that.

Seraphim2395d ago

swap out the battery for a PS3 battery.

FITgamer2395d ago

About damn time. I've been holding off getting another controller, now i can get one that matches my headset.

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The story is too old to be commented.