The Witcher 3: PS4 Gameplay Footage Shows Map from End to End

35 minutes of traveling, showcasing the Northern Realm in all its glory.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1306d ago

Yeah I don't think anyone needs to see this. Game out Tuesday.

My body is going to be ready.

MasterCornholio1306d ago

Looks pretty smooth to me.


pecorre1306d ago


Only one more week...

PaleMoonDeath1306d ago

I'm not going to watch this, but this'll be my first Witcher game, heard nothing but good things about the series and after finishing BloodBorne four times, by the gods I'm ready for something new.

No videos from here on out, only watched the original 35 minute gameplay reveal and the recent trailer, mad hyped for this one!!

Kingdomcome2471306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Stunning. I couldn't care less about supposed downgrades, especially after watching that, and the time lapse video. This is the most beautiful, realistically portrayed game world that I've ever seen.

Link2DaFutcha1306d ago

For all those disagreeing: Which game world looks better?

DoctorFry1306d ago

I don't know man, I think GTA V takes the crown for that.

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