Project CARS Limited Edition falls to £24.69/$38.99 on PC today

Dealspwn reports: A simulator with soul, Project CARS strips the bloat out of the racing genre to focus on what truly matters: the cars, handling, tracks and exhilaration of real driving. Sensational weather effects and impressive visuals make it well worth the wait.

If that grabs you and you fancy playing the graphically superior PC version (so long as you have an NVIDIA GPU), the limited edition of Project CARS is now just £24.69, which includes a Steam code for the base game plus five extra cars."

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bggriffiths1306d ago

I'll be all over this at that price on PS4.

Blues Cowboy1306d ago

Pre-owned will probably hit that level in a few months. Lots of people will likely trade in when they realise that it's a bit too focused and hardcore for their personal tastes.