Gamervision Hands-On TNA IMPACT!

Veggie Jackson writes:

''For almost a decade now, the WWE has dominated the wrestling world in both TV broadcasting and video games. Midway and TNA Impact! are looking to change all that, at least in the video game world, with a new wrestling title called TNA IMPACT! We got a chance to play the game with one of the project developers, and from what we saw, they may have a chance to do just that.

After having our match type selected for us (Ultimate X) we were able to select from a near-complete roster of TNA's wrestlers. A brief load screen followed, and we were on to our match. After some coaching by the Midway rep, we quickly figured out the intuitive control scheme and were punching, throwing and slamming each other to our hearts' content. The button layout is very different than WWE's with all grapples assigned to the Xbox 360's Y button, attacks mapped to the A and X buttons, and the B button reserved for using and interacting with items and environmental elements. Running is accomplished by holding the right trigger, the right bumper acts as a counter or block, and the left bumper modifies any other button to make it more powerful. The scheme feels natural and it was very easy to adjust after years of WWE experience. After a few minutes of randomly beating on each other, the Midway rep showed us a few of the game's more interesting feature, and what exactly differentiates it from the Raw vs. Smackdown games. First off, the uninterruptible animations you're used to are not present here. If you attack someone while they are in the middle of a suplex, both men will fall to the ground, just like they should. This means no more waiting around while lengthy animations are finishing, giving a much more action-packed experience. Ground grapples operate differently too, with a button-pressing minigame determining the length of the hold as well as how much damage it delivers.''

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Ps3Fanboy7773770d ago

What a bunch of smucks. Gamervision fanboys in disguise. *transformer theme

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haha that was kind of funny

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im a tna fan so im gonna get it


'Canadian destroyer' and 'Border toss' for the win!!