Gamervision Retro Review: Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

Gamervision reports:

''While the Super Nintendo classic Donkey Kong Country is remembered by many as a lovely, super-fun platformer, I had never actually played it until a few months ago. It was one of many SNES games I never played the first time around, and honestly, I never felt the need to. After all, even before I had my own Super Nintendo, I spent many hours playing Super Mario World (which to this day remains my favorite platformer of all time). Why would I care about some game from one of Mario's associates when I could have the real deal?

However, it's now 2008, and they just don't make platformers like they used to. I don't know about the rest of you, but I could go for a new 2D platformer every once in awhile. I love Super Mario World, but I've played each and every level inside and out, and I recently wanted something new-even if it was actually old. So I picked up Donkey Kong Country for the first time, and found myself enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

As the title suggests, Donkey Kong Country stars Nintendo's number one ape, DK, along with several of his friends. Most notably, Diddy Kong appears as DK's sidekick, and the two are interchangeable throughout the game. The player chooses which one to play as, and each have different attributes: DK is bigger and stronger, but Diddy is quicker and can jump further. Additionally, other members of the Kong family will show up throughout each world, assisting DK and Diddy in various ways.''

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ape0073769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

the old days

unforgeable days,not like today,90%of the games are forgettable and too similar to each other

8 is too low btw

I know this is 2008 It should get 10 anyday

golden gameplay,never gets old

screw graphics

do you remember anything in prey,gta4,army of too,unreal 3, frontlines,halo3,"wow nextgen,hd,online play,dlc,hard disk,screw older generations,etc...",only kids saying that

gameplay is the reason why we play games,I know graphics can push the gameplay further,like cod 4,bioshock,uncharted,mgs4

but without fantastic gameeplay,the game is nothing even if its on ps6 or xbox 3600

guys,please understand that

ms,rare is worth nothing these days and you know that,banjo looks like a nightmare,pdz sucked,grabbed by the something sucked,viva pinta is a joke,kameo sucks so much,only new gamers say it's good



Harry1903769d ago

an incredible review in the french magazine 'Consoles +'. If I am not mistaken,they gave it 150/100 which shows how unusual it was back then.