Gears patch before Christmas

Epic Games' Mark Rein hopes we'll see a little "housekeeping" patch for Gears of War before the end of the year.

"The first update we do will be some housekeeping to take care of a few things we need to adjust. We hope to have that in the pipeline before too long," he told Planet Gears of War.

"Unfortunately the certification group at Microsoft shuts down relatively early in December so we're racing against the clock to try to get it finished and certified for release through the Xbox Live update system."

Rein also confirmed that the patch would sort out the bug that results in a squished image on non-widescreen VGA monitors.

"We're also fixing a few minor problems and making a few small changes and improvements," he added.

"I don't want to go into too many details because we have not finalized the update but once we know what made it in, and passed certification, we'll put some news up on our forum which I'm sure will start other passionate threads about what we have/have not gotten around to so far. There is more to come for this game in the future."

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speed4357d ago

I would love to see some new maps out before too long. Love this game but I'm a little burned out at this point. I may have to spend some time on the new Oblivion quest.

zonetrooper54357d ago

Hopefully this will fix all of the teething problems, i also hope they add two free maps as well.

Ravenator5294357d ago

I don't think this patch is going to be anything spectacular. Unless you are one of the people who are having the VGA issue.

And if there is one thing that I do hope its that they reinforce the "True Skill" system by actually making it work. Because as of right now, it is way too easy to get around it.

Either fix it or just let it go and make it a party system for ranked games.

At least give us gamers who can't sit around and play all dam day a fighting chance by letting us play with people we know.


Make it so that no one can play with anyone on their friends list for ranked games.

It needs to be one way or the other.

tom15954357d ago

im one of those 'vga people'... so good for me huh. i really wanna play the game but there's no point till the patch comes out. i think ill get it for christmas.

mellowspaz4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

I don't know how the rest of you feel about nade tagging, but I am hoping they fix that so that it won't be so easy to bum rush and always get a win if it's left to be 1 on 1 (even if it's a suicide) I find nade tagging incredibly cheap. I'm a good GOW player, but lately I haven't been playing this game much because of this.

PS3n3604357d ago

It irritates me how people get their clan in on ranked games and ask you to move to the other team. It is a waste of time playing these clan cheaters cause you dont stand a chance and they are artificially inflating their ranking. I dont move over anymore and often the arse wipes cancel the game. If people want to have a circle jerk with their buddies they should do it in player match. I garauntee the top guys on leader boards are cheating this way which is lame.

bohemian 234356d ago

If you play well together with random people or people you know what does it matter. You go play player matches if you don't like it. I never here complaints about that on halo 2. The only people who would complain about that are losers. Don't play the match if you notice your playing against people that know each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.