The Witcher 3 - XML Will Let You Enable Sharpening - "Uber" Terrain, Textures & LOD Options Found

The GOG version of The Witcher 3 is available for pre-loading, and some users found the XML options via which PC gamers will be – most probably – able to tweak the game’s graphics settings. Via the game’s XML files, PC gamers can enable the Sharpening filter (that was used in most early screenshots). Not only that, but there is an “Uber” quality for a lot of graphics options (including the game’s Terrain, Textures and LOD settings).

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methegreatone1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Any setting to bring back those realtime reflections you completely removed from the game ? No ?
The forward lit smoke and particle thing ? No ?

Forgive me. After having the whole downgrade thing confirmed today, I'm basically pissed after having defended CDPR from accusations of doing 'console parity'

Really salty/annoyed now. I'm sure I'll forget about the whole thing by tomorrow.

I suppose it's fine if the game is still great, which it looks to be.
Besides, game is rather good looking anyway so... big deal.

starchild1254d ago

Some things will have been downgraded/removed, other things will have been improved, and a lot of other stuff will have stayed the same. That's just the way it often goes in development.

The screen space reflections are still in, though. Did you see my comment in the other thread about this?

It's nice that it seems like some settings can be tweaked even higher in the config files. Then we also have mods to look forward to. And you're right, even right now it still looks quite good.

methegreatone1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Well I'm a sucker for screen space reflections :P

No, I didn't see your comment. What did you say ? I'm really sorry, I made a bunch of comments on a bunch of graphics related articles in my 'pissed' state of mind. Needless to say, it's a crime to talk about downgrade on N4G (and fair enough). I don't feel like sifting through all the comments condemning me for it :P

You know what really sucks though ? no more blood on water. Out of all the features removed, that one hurts the most, because it added so much to the 35 minute combat scene. :(

"Some things will have been downgraded/removed, other things will have been improved, and a lot of other stuff will have stayed the same. That's just the way it often goes in developmen"

Not if you don't do console parity. Yes, things change, but there's no reason to outright remove so many graphics features, unless you want parity. They already implemented realtime reflections on puddles for example. Why not just leave that as an option on PC? Parity, that's why.

What you're saing holds true in other cases. For example the grass downgrade. They had to completely change the look of grass (it now looks bad tbh) for performance. Such a change, ofcourse would carry over to the PC version.
Changing a cutscene so it's more performance friendly - that would carry over to the PC too.

But why remove rendering features from the PC version because consoles can't handle it ? They really can't give PC a few extra options to keep those enabled ? Why not ?

"there will be small differences, but we want the same experience on all platforms"
Right, that's why. *facepalm*

Never thought I'd be seeing this from CDPR

T9001254d ago


As a PC gamer i really wanted this to push the hardware. Which looks less and less likely.

I guess we will just have to wait for the modders to up the graphics fidelity.

Personally i have GTX Titan X in SLI. I play at a resolution of 3440 x 1440. If the game isnt that demanding ill just start using DSR on the game. Until modders can bring up higher quality graphics mods.

starchild1254d ago

Whether it's been downgraded or not I'm fairly certain we can all agree that it looks fantastic. All the reviewers are commenting about how good it looks too. And it is going to be demanding. Based on the previews, a gtx 980 was getting 60fps at max settings (minus Hairworks) but with occasional drops.

Maxing out the settings, including Hairworks, is going to put 60fps out of reach for nearly all single card PC gamers, unless CDPR has done some massive optimization between then and now. That's pretty demanding in my book.

Btw, the disagree isn't from me. I, too, would have liked them to push PC hardware harder. Then again, I basically always want our hardware to be taken advantage of as much as possible, no matter what. o.0

erenmus1254d ago

Where was it confirmed? Some site that before an hour ago I had no idea it existed.

People like you need to chill out. Wait 7 days and see for yourself. For petes sake look at the reviews from yesterday if it looks that good on console it will look better on PC. Makes sense right?

Raider691254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Well if you have an Nvidia card you can enable all those things using Nvidia GameWorks!What CDPR has done wrong is not telling the gamers and there audience that those first videos that shown all those features here made with Nvidia gameworks enable! All those features can be enable with Nvidia gameworks card if your PC can handle.

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Enyxodin1254d ago

Worst of it all is that CDPR lied to us right in our faces that it wasnt downgraded....idiots

methegreatone1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Well, to be honest, you can't really blame them. You expect them to say "Yes, the game was downgraded" ?

Ofcourse they are going to say no its not, and try to avoid the topic or just keep silent. You can't blame them.
They still worked hard for 3 whole years and made a great game. Also, I do think the PC version will actually be good, so they aren't even close to Ubisoft.

It's unfortunate that it was downgraded.
I mean, it's basically partly because of keeping parity, which is complete fucking bullshit, be it b/w XBOX and PS4 or PC and consoles.

They could have given the PC the options for this stuff, but no. Parity, ladies and gentlemen, the most retarded thing conceived.
" There are slight advantages, but we want the same experience, no matter what platform"

It's unfortunate, but we can't start bashing them for not admitting it lol.

NoctisPendragon1254d ago

And admitting they needed that for pre-orders but fanboys will say "they are honest with us now ".

Roccetarius1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Pretty much this, and that's just another reason for me to add them to the cautious list, because they'll be doing exactly the same thing with Cyberpunk 2077.

Removing so many features and then trying to no comment it and lying about it is a big no-no on Ubisoft / EA scale.

I think the worst part is the people downplaying it, which afterwards will probably let it slide for the next big release as well.

Priestwithgun1254d ago

Sad indeed. Why would they remove options :(

Maul_T_Pass1254d ago

Stop thinking in terms of a downgrade. What you saw was never intended to be the final product. Think of it more as an optimization. The reduction ( although minimum) will certainly help the overall performance of the game.

Since not everyone owns a GTX Titan or 980's in sli, a larger number of people should be able to max the settings now. Lets wait a week before we start a witch hunt ( no pun indented).

Maul_T_Pass1254d ago

4 people are butt hurt babies...

Maul_T_Pass1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Sorry, make that 6.