Aliens E3 No-Show: Randy Pitchford Explains

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, has explained why upcoming FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn't shown at E3 this week, saying it was publisher SEGA's decision and had nothing to do with the current quality of the game.

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kadosho3838d ago

Sega is really holding back on a lot of things this time around.
At least they're on a comeback streak. Just something like this?
Hope it was worth enough from them to hold it back a bit longer.

TheColbertinator3838d ago

This game does'nt look like its coming out this year or early 2009.Seems like a long wait

stevep633837d ago

Whatever game not shown at E3 will not ship this year. That's the bottom line. Don't care what the developer says, Aliens is a 2009 title, just like, well, most everything shown at E3.