Ripten Bayonetta Preview - Includes Sketches From Memory & In-Game Art

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"A witchy librarian with big guns - why'd it take so long for someone to think this up?

I took a little heat in our day four E3 podcast when I began to describe SEGA's new third person action game, Bayonetta -- so I decided to whip up some very quick sketches from memory to help those reading better visualize what I saw first hand in SEGA's Platinum Games showcase room.

Bayonetta is currently being developed by Hideki Kamiya, the former director of DMC1, which makes perfect sense since everything about this game seemed to kick ass. From the moment the demo started, the room was captivated.

You play as Bayonetta, a very lean and mean witch decked out in what appears to be a skin tight leather suit. If that's not enough to demand your attention, she is also equipped with guns in nearly every place imaginable. Bang bang!"

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Laexerias3742d ago

this game is going to be a must buy. :)

Nostradavis3742d ago

has anyone been able to find a video of this game?

Twizlex3742d ago

I haven't seen one, but I'm really excited to see this game in action. It sounds crazy!

Nostradavis3742d ago

Yeah. I will keep looking to see what I can find.