Media Create sales (5/4 - 5/10)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales.

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Geobros1256d ago

Wii U dropped by half this week. PS4 dropped too....

Metallox1256d ago

I think you know why...

bouzebbal1256d ago

xbox one sales decreased by 50%... strongest fall of the week :D
seriously, very disappointing numbers last week already for Wii U, is it a proof that only 1st party games matter on nintendo's home consoles?
Too bad games like X don't stand a chance...

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

@ Abz

Xenoblade X is a first party Nintendo game, dude.
Get your facts checked.XD
Oh, and say hello to the million-seller Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate while you're at it.

Concertoine1256d ago

I wouldnt count it out yet. Its outpacing the first game which went on to sell 900k and counting. It sold a few consoles, too. These kind of games sell over time, and if they make some money that's all that matters.

MH3U has sold less than a million on wii u.

Neonridr1256d ago

console/handheld sales ebb and flow on a weekly basis in Japan. If a big game releases, you will see the respective hardware spike, but then fall off the next couple of weeks.

Concertoine1256d ago

Wow, there's only 1 playstation game in the top 20. That's crazy. Only a few weeks ago it was mostly playstation games.

Neonridr1256d ago

yeah, and look at some of the titles that are still in the top 20. 3DS has a few titles that have sold well over 2 million copies and are still selling. MK8 has almost broke the 1 million mark too. An impressive feat for a console game.

Transistor1256d ago

MK8's attach rate is insane.

It's over 50%.

WPX1256d ago

Man to see Lego City Undercover:TCB in the top 20.
Now that's some legs. Insane!

jjonez181256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Ironic that the single Playstaion game is actually Microsoft owned. It's going to be Vita's first million seller in Japan too. Already over 500k digitally and near 200k physically and averaging over 10k+ a week in the slow months.

MacrosTheBlack1256d ago

Minecraft for the vita seems to be doing really well in Japan.

Big_Game_Hunters1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Xenoblade up another 12. I imagine it's at around 140 counting digital and bunduru.

wonderfulmonkeyman1256d ago

Bunduru. Pfft.XD
Anyways, yeah, thanks to the quicker load times, it seems the digital version was an exceptional case of sales amongst other Nintendo games, which normally see a massive difference between physical and digital.
I'm wondering just how close to physical sales the digital has actually come, if they haven't already surpassed them.

Concertoine1256d ago

It is very unlikely that digital sold better, or even close to physical. Nintendo games have very low digital sale rates because of the large amount of Nintendo collectors who prefer physical copies, the lack of a universal account system, and the lack of decent internal storage out of the box.

Im predicting maybe 15k digital, and that's being pretty hopeful.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1256d ago


That is wrong. Year or year Nintendo Digital Sales increases dramatically.

It may not be 50/50 but it definitely 1/3 as Nintendo promoted the pre-load for it as it the first title.

gokuking1256d ago

I imagine you're way off. The bundle is tracked in these figures, firstly, and we get monthly digital sales from Famitsu. The average on PlayStation platforms is usually around 10% of a game's retail sales. For Nintendo hardware, it's even worse.

Big_Game_Hunters1256d ago

Nintendo's digital is around 14%. I'm actually pretty spot on when you take away what i thought would have been bundle sales, So its about 120. This game will probably see about 250 or 200 lifetime in japan,Not that bad for japan.

roboshort1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Ummm.. It's been said that Xenoblade was doing great on the eshop so it has probably done much better than average. Maybe 15% or so.

eyeofcore1256d ago

Wow 5 Wii U games on the list.

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