Mega Man vs Samus

In this utterly pointless article, the author explores who would win in a fight between Mega Man and Samus.

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OldWizard3743d ago

Great article. I agree, Mega Man wins.

Le-mo3742d ago

Why would you submit this article if it is utterly pointless?

Polluted3741d ago

It's pointless, but at least it's well put together.

Really, though, it all comes down to how many bosses Mega Man beat before he ran into Samus.

3741d ago
Striderhoang3741d ago

I was assuming the article was going to talk about the aspects of their armory and skills, not the technical aspects that stem from the game. I personally don't agree with putting "invincibility after damage" as a valid point in Megaman's favor.

I think the fight should be assumed that both only had their initial weapons. All these points only make sense in a game, not in an argument.

(To be fair, he did include a video assuming we were playing a game made for this, but of course Megaman wins: Samus is the boss and therefore the antagonist)

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