‘Project CARS’ Review – Racing At Its Finest | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes, "There are two sub-genres in the racing game genre: arcade and simulation racers. Simulation racers are targeted at racing enthusiasts, with realistic handling models requiring more accurate use of braking, rather than drift heavy movement and a reliance on using other cars as bumpers. Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator) sets out to prove that good racing simulators don’t have to be console exclusives. It also seeks to be a game that both hardcore racing fans and novices alike will enjoy, without making compromises for either side. The game, made with assistance from the community and real race drivers, excels at capturing all the thrills of circuit racing, while providing more options than any racer before it."

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MilkMan2392d ago

Can I smash through walls and have power ups? If I cant this isn't my game.

NathanM2392d ago

Unfortunately, no. Maybe it will be in DLC though ;).