Blue Dragon sells over 40.000 copies on first day

Yesterday Blue Dragon came into the Japanese stores and on the first day the game sold more than 40.000 copies in Japan.

There was also a Blue Dragon Xbox 360 Premium Pack which included the game and a faceplate. Official sales figures are expected after the weekend.

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PhantomMD4331d ago

This is great news for MS if this is true.

Islandkiwi4331d ago

When does this come to the states?

SuperSaiyan44331d ago

Oh looks its that ridiculous Netherland website that has nothing official and its all in dutch great!

devv054330d ago

oh look, its SuperSaiyan4, the biggest whiner on this website.

lilgringo4331d ago

Didn't they have 100k copies on preorder solely? So it should at LEAST have sold 100k copies

MicroGamer4331d ago

that was the Blue Dragon bundle that was pre-sold and there was only 10k of them. Of course places like Play Asia don't help to convert Japanese to the 360 when they buy them up and sell them outside of Japan.

joemutt4331d ago

Here I will do it for you,

Take the # of 360's sold in Japan, multiply it by 1 and you have the # of copies Blue Dragon will sell.

Everyone who has a 360 in japan will have this game.

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