Square Enix shifting focus to mobile gaming

Square Enix will be focusing this year on Mobile games rather than on console games

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Blackleg-sanji2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It's official this might be my last console generation. All the Japanese companies are slowly bowing out if they haven't already

Edit: o I know square,atlus and to an extent capcom are delivering this gen it's just with the way things are heading especially in their homeland they might not see a reason to really stay which is quite a terrible thought

NoctisPendragon2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

SE is not in danger (+50% profit ) and SE also has tons of ps4 games comming soon .
More than they had at the ps3 era anyway .

Transistor2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yes they are making mobile games.

But I also know for a fact they have multiple AAA PS4 exclusives in the works, even from their western studios.

SoapShoes2390d ago

So dramatic, you realize they do have PS4 exclusives to announce at their panel for E3?

Games4Gamers2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It's official you do not know what you are talking about. There are so many JRPG's coming out for PS4 that Square Enix leaving barely makes a difference. Square is still releasing Star Ocean, FF15, the expansion to 14 Kingdom Hearts 3 and probably other games that I am not aware of.

Square Enix has been in the shitter for the past couple of years. They weren't making great games and were being too influenced by the western style games.

So can you be specific instead of saying "ALL" the companies are going mobile? Have you been living under a rock these past few months? There has been so many JRPG's announcments that I lost track of them

Nekroo912390d ago

Theres more JRPGS coming in the beginning of this generation on PS4, than on the entire last generation.

Consoles are here to stay, they might change and become something like Nvidia shield tv or playstation tv for streamed games only but they arent going anywhere.

You sould like those guys during PS3 and 360 era "consoles are dead" and now take a look at ps4 and x1 sales.

DemonChicken2390d ago

Looks at install base for mobile - laughs. considering nearly everyone has a phone and people of all ages play these games, the market and profit potential is huge. So you will be an idiot for not tapping into this market.I think mainstream gamers perception into mobile not too good as it's always a bad thing when someone mentions mobile.

Frankly do not find it as bad if games developed are good, I mean nintendo going mobile we might see good handheld quality games. Doesn't mean their entirely focused on mobile. Plus those emulators, lot of people playing classic GBA, SNES and PSX games on tablet and mobile.

I am quite a gamer and can see this appeal. I ended up having chrono trigger and cross on my mobile because these games were never released in my region and don't think they intend too as well; control wise it not bad considering turned base combat. Playing on the train while going to work is fun!

We see alot of porting of mainstream games to mobile too. So the market is there but just what appeals to you.

gangsta_red2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Considering we just got this article,

And with Sega focusing on mobile, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other Japanese companies go this route also (Konami). But the end of consoles? Naw, I don't think it'll go that far, but we will see less games from these big name Japanese company's.

Spotie2390d ago

Where is the indication that we'll see less games from them? So far, I see quite a few titles from Square-Enix on the horizon; even if they ARE going to focus more heavily on mobile, that doesn't mean- idiots that they are- that they'll be making LESS games for more traditional platforms.

gangsta_red2390d ago


What has Square made in terms of games for consoles, NOT published mind you, games they developed themselves?

So far we have had Final Fantasy 13, 1 thru 3. Upcoming is Kingdom Hearts and another FF(vs.) game, not to mention a some recycled FF remasters. I hardly call that that quite a few. Especially compared to their yester years when they had the Mana series, Chrono series, FF, Parasite Eve and other titles they used to release even more often.

Square appears to be sticking with their most popular franchises. A lot of this can be contributed to longer dev times that requires a higher budget so they can't afford to take big risks with new IP's. This isn't the case with mobile and this is why a lot of Japanese companys (and western) have moved a lot of their titles to mobile (which includes portable handhelds).

DOMination-2389d ago

The Last Remnant is the other game they developed last gen.

3-4-52390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

* Don't worry.

That market is flooded with trash checklist distraction apps.

Once they realize their fans aren't buying as many of their mobile games as they thought, they will have to fire the CEO, and bring in a new person.

This will signal their shift back to consoles in time for the next Xbox, Nintendo,Sony console.

Whoever is in charge at SE isn't in touch with the gamers and what they want to spend their money on.

They are chasing people who don't even like games, but just want to tap on some jewels for 12 minutes while waiting in line at Target.

* SE here is how you make a lot of money.

* Dragon Quest 11 for Xbox One,PS4,Wii U

* Dragon Quest 12 for New 3DS XL/Vita

* Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3 for 3DS/Vita.

* Final Fantasy Tactics for PS4/Xbox One/Wii U

* Bravely Second 3DS - US Localization

* Dragon Quest 7 & 8 3DS - Localization

All of those would turn a profit.

Your welcome.

Moldiver2390d ago

"It's official this might be my last console generation. All the Japanese companies are slowly bowing out if they haven't already"

Just as well then that the console industry no longer revolves around japan. Japanese devs may be cutting down/pulling out of AAA console development but the sun is shining in the west. Consoles are selling more than ever and we still have plenty of witchers, Mass effects and the rest to look forward to. I think scenarios like bayonetta scalebound and bloodborne will be more common where MS, sony or nintendo will have to fund japanese AAA games themselves.

There are all kinds of reasons for how we ended up here. But that's a whole other topic.

Blackleg-sanji2390d ago

Well thinks for not eating me alive like everyone else like Ima well know troll or something maybe I should have put an /s when I said this my last console but I will say as an RPG heavy fan it is disappointing to see Japan back away from consoles alil

jeremyj29132390d ago

While you are correct about quality games coming from the West as of late, there is still something about Japanese made games that people tend to like more. Especially people that have been gaming for a long time and kno what kind of games and innovations Japan is responsible for. I love both Eastern and Western made games but for different reasons. I'll give an example. My favorite genre is Hack n' Slash and while I really do love God of War, I would play Devil May Cry over it any day of the week. I love God of War for it's story and production but Devil May Cry definitely has the superior gameplay for me.

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rextraordinaire2390d ago

There's still Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts and FF XV coming.

NoctisPendragon2390d ago

Tomb Raider, Just Cause, and Deus Ex ,DQ11,DQH , DQH2, Saga , FF Dissidia , FF Type-1 and maybe even more .

Ron_Danger2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

And Dragon Quest: Heroes and FF7:HD on ps4

curtis922390d ago

What year is this? 2010? Good luck SE. We'll see you back focusing on consoles in a year or two when you see mobile's hit it's plateau.

NoctisPendragon2390d ago

+49% profit and tons of consol games comming soon : FF XV ,Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts , Tomb Raider, Just Cause, and Deus Ex ,DQ11,DQH , DQH2, Saga , FF Dissidia , FF Type-1 , Lord Of Vermillion Arena , Life is Strange and many more .

SE isn't leaving anytime soon .

Godmars2902390d ago

Its not about "plateaus" with mobile gaming. Its just about getting people to pay/give money for the F2P model.

KeplerNoMore2390d ago

Mobile gaming will burst the bubble next year, so yeah good luck with that. Im sure we, the "basement dwellers and couch potatoes" that made you what you are today are surely going to support your mobile freemium games.

NoctisPendragon2390d ago

They have a lot of AAA consol games in the work : FF XV ,Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts , Tomb Raider, Just Cause, and Deus Ex ,DQ11,DQH , DQH2, Saga , FF Dissidia , FF Type-1 , Lord Of Vermillion Arena , Life is Strange .

Mobile gaming is a thing in Japan like arcade gaming or MMOs , if it brings them money it is good for us (+50% this fiscale year ) since they can put more money in AAA games like FF XV .
They need to adapt to the market and not only do fan service .
As long as we get 1 AAA consol game per year and some remasters / smaller scale games i am ok .

Coheno2390d ago

Welp. RIP Square Enix!

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