CDPR Comments On Witcher 3 Downgrade Rumor, Continuation Of Choices From Witcher 2 On PS4 And More

GearNuke: "CDPR comments on the recent rumor about possible downgrade to visual effects of The Witcher 3 and shares more details about the PS4 version of the game."

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T9001279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Well just enjoy the game. I am sure there will be mods for this very soon on the PC that will up the graphics better than what the devs initially showed us. Just like Skyrim.

I believe there might have been a downgrade, as can be seen PS4 is already having framerate issues. Imagine if the visuals were not downgraded, you would have more problems on both the consoles.

Leave it to the modding community to add more graphics candy to an already great game.

Edit: Personally i played Witcher 2 on the PC 2 times. The first run was obviously when the game released with stock graphics. On the second run (which was about 2 years later) i played the game again with texture mod pack which increased the graphics fidelity. I think i would do the same with W3. Play it 2 times. The second time with even more eye candy with graphics mods. I hope we can get the sort of mods we saw with Skyrim.


Yea i think the game probably has been downgraded. Fortunately we have a great modding community on the PC.

Mr Pumblechook1279d ago

CD Projekt "These are just rumors, and as we’ve said before we don’t comment on such."

A publisher not commenting on a leak about a game they are rumoured to be working on I understand. But when CD Projekt are directly asked to say has the game been downgraded and they say no comment then it makes the ears prick up. The Witcher 3 reviews are great, and I can't wait to play it but this 'no comment' from them actually says a lot.

T9001279d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

No doubt its an amazing game and all of us are going to enjoy it. However as a PC gamer i cant help but think this has been downgraded due to weaker console hardware.

Its like when PS4 gamers think their version of the game has been held back due to the Xbox limitations. Its much more of an issue for PC gamers since the gap between PC to any console is much wider.

I hope we can get some good mods for the game. Playing Skyrim with mods can still be a treat, imagine if this got modded on that level.

Sethry1011279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"Secondly you have to remember that our game is a big release – a lot of people have been anticipating it and quite a few would like to gain some publicity from it even when it means talking about things which are not true."

HaveAsandwich1279d ago

i loled then i realized how true it is, and got sad.

seanpitt231279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

You forget if it wasn't for the consoles this game wouldn't of been made or at least at this scale with the Time it's took cd pr about 5 years to make. The profits from the pc Base wouldn't nearly be enough they need the consoles sales to make a game of this stature profitable. So people saying consoles are downgrading our pc games you wouldn't have these type of games if it wasn't for consoles. 260 game developers for 5 to 6 years hard work and promotional costs doesn't come cheap.

cayleee1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Fyi Witcher series as of 2013 had managed to sell about 6 million units on the PC(must have sold more by now). Those number are as good any AAA console exclusive.

Even this time around I think Witcher 3 will sell most on PC, not to mention console sales will be dead in few months time. Witcher 3 will carry on sell on PC for years to come, specially it probably will be heavily supported by mods.

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Mega241279d ago

Damn, I played Witcher 2 about 8 times after launch, plus one more time in the last month just because of hype. I really like witcher for it's story, graphics is just an extra.

Wii_nes_0071279d ago

Fram rate issues would occur on pc too, just like AC Unity.

holin41279d ago

the difference between ps4 and xo cant be compared with the difference between ps4/xo and pc

T9001279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

True, i was just throwing a perspective, so people understand how PC gamers feel when a game gets downgraded. Any decent PC will be multiple times ahead of these consoles.

ion6661279d ago

nowadays I dont see a huge difference like back in the days from arcade to genesis. Quite frankly I dont see any games on P.C. that are mind blowing in terms of graphics. Please feel free to list a P.C. game that is coming out next year that will look just as good as Uncharted 4. I have total faith in naughty to pull that off.

holin41279d ago

no-one can deny the fact that PCs are way more powerfull than consoles (and way more expensive), but in my case i love gears of war and halo, thats the reason why i chose xbox one

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ape0071279d ago

The downgrade statement is: "Damage control walking to the ring"

3ndulg31279d ago

Lol agreed so do we all still agree that the xbox is inferior no its not,the playstation is overrated.

ape0071279d ago

both are underpowered

Nero21421279d ago

So their comment on downgrade rummor is no comment ?...

OB1Biker1279d ago

' quite a few would like to gain some publicity from it even when it means talking about things which are not true'

I guess he means gaming sites bread and butter

MilkMan1279d ago

Man I don't see a massive downgrade, but its perfectly normal to expect some downgrade. The game is massive and the fact that they where able to cram it all in the PS4 is a miracle.
These guys worked diligently on this, and there not Ubisoft, releasing games every day. They take time and care on their releases. So, I'm with the dev on this. If its a matter of not seeing another wrinkle on someones face, or a a little difference on tree bark. Then what do I care this game is BURSTING at the seems with personality, care and craftsmanship.
Its not like the differences are an ultra settings from PC of 2015 to PS1 game from yesteryear.

starchild1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Great comment. I do think it is inevitable (and there is already some evidence of this) that certain scenes or visual elements have been pared back. This is a normal part of the development process, whether we notice it in particular case or not.

However, I do not agree with those that try to make it sound like there is some kind of significant overall difference between the final game and the older footage. The reason I believe this is because there are too many scenes that we are able to directly compare now and the majority of them show the same graphics. It's true there is one burning village scene that has been changed, but it's difficult to say whether it is a downgrade or a's certainly different, but I don't think either version looks significantly better than the other.

Other scenes, though, clearly show the same level of graphics, even possible improvements in some cases. If there was a game-wide downgrade, such as a fundamental downgrade of the lighting, those scenes wouldn't look almost identical the way they do.

Basically what I'm saying is that I don't believe the game overall was downgraded. More like certain aspects were downgraded, while others were improved or simply changed for artistic reasons. The game clearly still looks phenomenal. Reviewers have almost all gone out of their way to talk about how amazing the game looks.

methegreatone1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Look, you can say whatever you want. The fact is - it's SIGNIFICANTLY downgraded. Quite a few features are simply removed.

I spent the last 1.5 years defending against the downgrade argument. Mainly because 99% of the downgrade arguments were downright retarded. And who cares if a few little things were removed ? Graphics are important, but nothing more.

Now, however, it's become rather clear the downgrade is big. Yes, even the ones screaming downgrade will enjoy the game. It would still probably be my GOTY.

That's not the point. It is funny how Ubisoft gets shafted, but CDPR gets a free pass, like many have said.

They made their game based on the lowest common denominator, and it has undergone a SIGNIFICANT downgrade. The fact is, tons of features are removed.

The foliage has undergone a huge downgrade. The grass looks plain bad compared to what it was.

The whole forward lit particles thing is gone. No more atmospheric smoke and particles.

Yep, you guessed it - no more realtime reflections. There's something resembling it in the water, which seems to work fine for distant terrain.
In the swamps, however, no more reflections like the 35 minute demo. No more blood splattered on the water either.

In the 35 minute demo, you saw puddles reflecting in real time. Gone, ofcourse.

If this article is to be believed, there's more -

This doesn't mean I hate CDPR (quite the opposite is true) but - For fuck's sake CDPR. Would it really be that fucking hard to leave some of these features on PC ? The PC port for MGS5 has Screen space realtime reflections, for example. you're telling me you can't add it in or the game breaks ?

Fuck. You're really going to downgrade the PC version like other devs ? Like fucking Ubisoft. Expected better from CDPR to be honest. They really fucking took the 'console parity' route. Good job.

"Game has not been downgraded" "Just wait and see" that's what they say, knowing that so many features have been removed.

It's what happened to Crysis as well. It went from amazing simulation with amazing complexity to normal shooter with some options.
In Crysis 2, the worst part was it was not just the graphics, but the gameplay that was dumbed down. The simulation was dumbed down. Not even half the interactivity as in Crysis 1.

Thankfully , this doesn't seem to be the case with The Witcher 3. *sigh of relief*

I'm hoping the retail PC version proves me wrong, but otherwise it's still a dissapointing thing, regardless of how much I actually enjoy the game. If CDPR are doing console parity like Ubisoft, it's sad.

MilkMan1279d ago

This whole argument goes away, when devs stop showing their games on hardware that simply doesn't exist.
BUT they refuse to do so for various reasons. PR, buzz, hype you name it.
I also believe they try to future proof their games for future hardware.
OK, I get that.
But in the meantime, the reality of it is. Dont show something that cannot possibly be done in today's machines, including PC's.
I for got the article I read, and in it I remember the dev saying that no PC can run games at ultra high settings the way a game is designed. That PC simply doesn't exist in the market.

See, these guys are trying to future proof their games.

Its a bad practice in a SEA of bad practices.

methegreatone1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"This whole argument goes away, when devs stop showing their games on hardware that simply doesn't exist."

You think the hardware for that didn't exist ? It was a high end PC. How much more viable would it be today ? Given it is 2 years down the line ?

Sorry, but the hardware absolutely would exist. It existed 2 years back. So it would be nothing more than high end now.

The fact is, because of their approach to development, ie 'Parity'.

"That PC simply doesn't exist in the market. "
That PC existed 2 years ago. They weren't running it on a render farm. Not to mention, they would have definitely optimized it to some degree since that time, without flat out removing everything.

I also find it funny that when there is a case of XBONE holding back PS4, people are up in arms.
"Parity is shit" "this is a shitty practice"

Ofcourse, when its the same for the PC, everyone assumes you're being a whiny PC elitist. Logic, everyone.

starchild1279d ago

Some of the stuff you say has some truth to it, like the fact the grass seems to look worse than the first trailers, but other stuff like the screen space reflections supposedly being missing is just wrong.

You can clearly see the screen space reflections in many of the videos. For example, in the following video you can see SSR on all of the bodies of water: Especially pay attention at the 6:45 minute mark because it is really obvious we are dealing with SSR. Not just because there are reflections, or that they appear to be physically accurate, but because of the way they disappear as the camera tilts downward therefor removing from the frame the objects being reflected (screen space reflections can only reflect things that are within the screen space, thus the name).

Now, I'm not going to sit here and say that every tiny puddle has screen space reflections because, frankly, I haven't looked for it. And I also don't remember any puddles from the trailers with clear use of SSR, so if you have a specific example please show me.

The forward lit particles might indeed be gone, but it would only be used in very specific kinds of situations and I haven't seen enough of those kinds of scenes to know for sure if they're gone. I wouldn't consider that a huge downgrade even if they were removed. The game still has a lot of really great looking fog, clouds, smoke, dust, and particle effects.

When I'm talking about a significant overall downgrade, I'm talking about something fundamental to the graphical design that would affect every scene in the game in a dramatic way. We do not see this. And this is an objective fact that can be proved by comparing similar scenes from the old footage to the new footage.

1st are older version, 2nd newer version:






starchild1279d ago

Now try to tell me the old one looks way better. There's just no way anybody with working eyes would say that. Sure, sometimes the old version looks better (not necessarily in these screenshots though), but the new version looks better some of the time too and a lot of the other times they are pretty much equal.

If it really was "significantly downgraded" the new version should look worse all the time, in every scene, but in fact it looks equally good much of the time and even looks better in some cases. That definitely wouldn't be happening if the game was significantly and fundamentally downgraded.

NoctisPendragon1279d ago

It is hard to tell from those screen , but quite easy on the footages .

35 min gameplay : .

Current "Ultra" setting : .

The downgrade is clear as a day and even more for those who can see the litle details .

Btw not everything is downgraded , in the 1st footage you have a lot of bugs , no shadow on NPCs ,some physics missing here and there but the footage is 2 years old so it is understandable .

Franckly seapking i can't understand those who says "there is no downgrade , it is just the color or the mood wich changed" , downgrade is written almost everywhere when i watch those videos .

Anyway CDRP still made an incredible amount of effort to get a good quality game but the downgrade is here , you can't do anything about .

I wouldn't even say it is the consols , the old footage had better quality assests harder to make adn too pull off , so the world may have been less seamless and smaller (and the game taking more time to make ) if they did not downgrade it .

ion6661279d ago

If the system of my choice can't do it ,It cant do it period. why do they have to lie. nobody had a problem in the olden days about this. Why start now. I hate Liars.

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VickerC1279d ago

Very true. They care a lot about the gamers, but they also need to take care of their wallet. Releasing for all 3 platforms is the right choice, even if it means a downgrade. Now they have time to maybe work on a (graphical) patch for PC or to work on the enhanced edition for PC to create the game (graphical) they intended all along.
Or the modding community will lend a hand...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Just curious, do you ever play games on pc and compared them to console games? I've got a pretty beefy rig myself and I've compared games between their console and pc iteration (mind you I've done this with ps3 and ps4 as I own both). The difference really is night and day. I know it's not something non-pc gamers want to hear, but it really is. I can see the difference myself and well...I'll see when the game launches. I hope there isn't a downgrade after all. but the truth is in the pudding. In so far, I've seen a visual downgrade on the pc side. why? I've no idea.


It's true they could make a 'enhanced' edition, that edition should be at no cost those for those who own the game on pc, however. As that's just greedy if they charge for an upgrade that should have been there from the start.

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