Thunderbolt Preview: Tomb Raider Underworld

Matt Wadleigh reports:

''This morning, here at the final day of E3, our first appointment was scheduled with Eidos to see Tomb Raider. After the well-received Tomb Raider: Legend and last year's Tomb Raider: Anniversary, the team at Crystal Dynamics has a lot to live up to – amazing, really, for a franchise that was held in such low regard just a few years ago. Eidos' booth at the show was posh – a table full of food sat in one corner, plush white couches surrounded big screen TVs scattered around the room, and the walls were covered with massive panels of artwork from the various games the company is putting out this year. Behind closed doors and a massive wall showing off her trademark figure was Tomb Raider: Underworld's Creative Director, Eric Lindstrom ready to explain the new game to an intimate crowd of journalists.

"In Tomb Raider: Legend, we wanted to update the gameplay in Tomb Raider – to bring what everyone loved about Tomb Raider back in full force," Lindstrom began. "In Anniversary, we harkened back to the solo-operator, discovering and feeling. In Underworld, we wanted to do both. To give you the freedom to explore a new environment ... and continue to have an action-paced adventure."

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