Splatoon helps Wii U get promoted


There is a fight going on in my living room, a fight for gaming space on the big screen. There’s a lot of competition, what with the PS4, PS3 and Xbox One and previously, the Wii U and Xbox 360. I say previously, as the latter were relegated to other rooms long ago. The Xbox 360 lost my interest when the new consoles arrived, while the Wii U found a new home in the room of my five year old.

Unfortunately for the Wii U, it didn’t get much use in my son’s room either. Sure we all appreciate Mario Kart, Smash Bros and the like, however we’ve also played them before and therefore games such as these find it hard to keep our attention, especially when the PS4 and Xbox One are taking up most of our time. But there is good news, the Wii U has very recently pulled off a giant killing masterstroke, in fact in the space of a few days it has went from neglected in my son's room to becoming the star of the living room. Yes, the Wii U has been promoted once more and it’s all thanks to Splatoon.

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iplay1up21254d ago

I plan on picking this up. The single player mode is supposed to be great too.

I played this past weekend, and liked it allot, but only could play 2 full rounds. Really, I would have liked just a few more rounds so I could really get a feeling for it. The sever was having issues keeping up with traffic.