Game companies are businesses, not your friends

MWEB GameZone writes: "Corporations may make noises about treating games with respect; CD Projekt Red is a master at this. They talk about 'free DLC', which we all know need not have been DLC at all (remember when new free items were just part of later patches and weren’t called DLC?); they talk about wanting to make the best game for players. Yet, all of that benefits them as a business.

Respect them enough to realise they’re a business and you’re a consumer..."

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HanCilliers2390d ago

Show me the money!

And yet we forget it at the sniff of a new game's hype.

CongoKyle2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I thought this was well known? It's almost the same as the cute barmaid who smiles at you and offers you an extremely expensive drink which you willingly pay for thinking she's interested. She's just doing her job, mate.

EDIT: We will now refer to this as the "Barmaid effect in gaming."

Sillicur2390d ago

Excellent point. Also, the Barmaid effect in gaming it is then. Change approved!

Articuno762390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

The real issue is what happens when good buisness becomes different from good customer treatment or just straight up trying to provide the best game possible.

We all know businesses want to profit, the question is are they doing it a way that mutually beneficial?

And in recent times the answer is increasingly "no". Leading to accusations of profiteering. It's implied however, that the real issue is profiting [at consumer expense] or profiting by offering any thing less for our money than the best game the developer could have made.

HanCilliers2390d ago

Love this reply

We all know businesses want to profit, the question is are they doing it a way that mutually beneficial?

So sad that it's become the norm to only make money

SonZeRo2390d ago

So True, couldn't have said it better myself.

Choc_Salties2390d ago

Nobody seems to understand the basic premise of a corporate entity - it exists to make as much money as possible, generally as quickly as possible, with as little expenses as possible.

Keep this in mind with any business entity you interact with - especially if you haven't personally met, spoken to, or otherwise shaken the hand of the 'boss'. And if you're spoken with the 'boss', then this is a small business. A corporate entity has chairmen, a board, and a CEO; these things can be liberally switched as required when they do not perform their function properly, which is the first part of this rant...

HanCilliers2390d ago

Also never forget that it's about making profit and delivering the service you advertised

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