Games deals hit inflection point

With mobile games revenue forecast to grow from $29 billion in 2015 to $45 billion in 2018, mobile dominated investments and M&A in the 12 months to Q1 2015. The potential breakout sectors of augmented reality and virtual reality are also attracting attention.

The stock market has been kind to games, with 11% average return across the games sector, 19% for mobile games and 16% for MMO games in the 12 months to March 2015. There were standout performances in other sectors, and a broad range of valuations relative to underlying economics.

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donwel2395d ago

Microtransaction laden advertisement apps on mobile phones, or games that have had actual effort put into them on 3DS and PSVita.
I know which ones I'd rather have. Mobile games can go take a long walk.

aLucidMind2395d ago

If more people knew that the companies making those games are designed to pump money out of you down to a psychological level, they wouldn't bother with mobile games. Especially if they knew these companies openly and publicly refer to those spending money as "whales" and frequently try to find new ways to "turn customers into whales".

Disgusting practice and I wish more realized this is happening.