Xbox 360 and GeoW + UT3 for $299

May be interesting for some looking to pick up an Xbox 360 sometime soon. Comes with two great games as well

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Jok3r3743d ago

Wow, that bundle is EPIC... ;D

Ghoul3743d ago

its EPIC games :D

3743d ago
Ghoul3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

jesus, i could have sworn i was called a sony fanboy some hours ago, do you guys even read ? or do you insult others as a fanboy the secondy ou read a potisitve / negative comment ??


haha disagree al you want :D

the deal is great

whops sorry did i just say something positive about the 360 ? time to hit the ignore on me guys and gals !

jaja14343743d ago

@ Ghoul

Or he could have been referring to Masta_Killa poster...

Ghoul3742d ago

coudl be but i gor only disagrees :)

Ghoul3742d ago

yes guess so, its the shell out action price

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3742d ago

Yes this is the 20GB version comes with one controller and the usual, hope I was able to help!

Bubble Buddy3742d ago

Great deal. More bang for your buck.

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Angelitos3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Trying to counter the new 399.99 80gig PS3 with Motorstorm?

Aint going to work :)

syanara3742d ago

Id get it if it had another price drop by that I mean the xbox. I don't want to waste money right now cause of the ps3 fall season. fall seems important for the ps3 there is a mayjor release each month of fall games like LBP, Home, SOCOM, motorstorm, and REsistance 2.

dro3743d ago

im waiting till christmas to get my 360...i got my ps3 at chritmas and every new console i ever bought was at chritsmas..i dont know y but thats just how it has always been for me -_-

Daishi3742d ago

Well your gonna get one heck of a deal then;p. And if for some reason you don't like those games you've got half the Wii's price in credit, so win win!

smokeymicpot3743d ago

thats not really a bad bundle

La Chance3743d ago

UT3 being essentialy a muliplayer game and Geow solo being quite short but with great multiplayer I dont wee why have UT3 plus Geow unless youre really some FPS crazy guy.
Moreover the design is quite similar sometimes.

Anyway since they are bundled , thers nothing to complain about.

Great offer.

Bloodwar3742d ago

Have you never played Gears of War? Solo what? Last I checked the game has a brilliant multiplayer system built into it. Fantastic co-op and some intence multiplayer to boot. Folk who agreed with you must have been fanboys. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you must have been misinformed. =)

TheXgamerLive3742d ago

GoW isn't a FPS, It's 3rd person over the shoulder.

And as already stated their both incredible and dynamic games, it's like Christmas came early for anyone who's buying it:)))

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The story is too old to be commented.