PS Vita and PlayStation TV system update 3.51 is coming soon

Playstation writes on twitter:
"PS Vita and PlayStation TV system update 3.51 is coming soon. It's a minor update that will improve stability."

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AudioEppa1307d ago

Yay! was just thinking right now that my Vita need some stability.

Wish they would update the internet browser's video players and other things..

Rydro1307d ago

Rear touchpad still has glitches since I got my Vita, it's not only me but they still haven't fixed it... "Sony"

OmegaShen1307d ago

Have you even try calling or emailing Sony? Crying about it won't fix it or trolling.

My works perfect.

Spotie1307d ago

What kinda glitches? My touchpad hasn't had problems at all. Hell, I've had two, and neither of them have had ANY issues.

bmf73641307d ago

They could remove HDCP on the PSTV to allow vid capture of vita games...

badz1491306d ago

I just want them to remove all the restrictions on many Vita games that are still unplayable on PSTV. We can use touch control now with using the DS4. So why not just make them playable?

blackblades1306d ago

Hope it fix the issues iv been having. For some reason my games don't start the 1st time I go to it, it stays on the 1st company title.

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nidhogg1307d ago

Could this fix that damn menu lag?? =_=

greenmiker1307d ago

Finally, 1+ months after the 3.50 update. I hope to work better.

Rydro1307d ago Show
xwilldemise1307d ago

Grr, waiting for the price to drop to $40-$50 on the PSTV already, I just want it to finish Persona 4: Golden! Idk what SONY's waiting for, drop the price on the PSTV & it would sell like hot cakes!

blackblades1306d ago

I'm still waiting on a price drop on 32gb cards, it's been years of waiting.

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