With new piracy technique on PS4 in Brazil confirmed to be real, Sony might take legal action

It was revealed a few weeks ago that some electronic stores in Brazil are advertising a way to copy pirate video games onto your PS4 for a fee. Although the technique was not described in details, several customers of these stores have all confirmed the existence of the hack.

Yesterday, journalists of a trusted site in Brazil have confirmed that the hack is real, as they have verified it themselves on a test console.

Bloggers at Wololo go through what is known about the hack so far

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WitWolfy1256d ago

Dang... Hope Sony looks into this if indeed true.

turdburgler10801256d ago

Hard drive dump using a raspberry pi for about $100-150. Gets the recipient 10 games.

holysmokesbatman1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

They have to duplicate the NAND and BIOS too, it's not as simple as duplicating the HD.
Also it's kind of rubbish as you can't play online.

JAM_brz1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


I'm from Brazil, and the site that made this story is trusted, and they confirm that you can play online and update your games. They gave the hacked PS4 to Sony Brazil.

I think it's only a matter of time to Sony release a new system update and stop that bullshit!

It's worth to remember: the price to hack your PS4 it's about $100-150, but here the price of the PS4 it's about $600, so many people will make the hack.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1256d ago

I just find it fascinating what a few people working in a small room can accomplish. I'm sure Sony finds it fascinating and illegal too.

MehmetAlperTR1255d ago

I remembered the Dreamcast.. I hope Sony will not allowe priate on their PS4 console.. Priate is not good for Sony.

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BlackOni1256d ago

This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the console wasn't $600+ and the games weren't so expensive. Who in their right mind even has that kind of money to drop on a console and its games? They really need to reevaluate the way they do business in South America if they don't want people pirating their games all the time.

Priestwithgun1256d ago

They are just ignoring all markets that aren't priority. Ps4 costs 700 usd in India and games are 90 usd each. It was not the case with ps3

Psychotica1256d ago

$600+ isn't that much for many people. Especially when you consider how much people spend on other electronic devices like their tv's.

SilentNegotiator1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

It's not like they're entitled to said vidya gaems.

They should just buy an alternative, thus encouraging companies to change how they do business in that region when they see competitors getting sales.

And really, you can thank Brazil's ridiculous tariffs on imports, not Sony. There's not much Sony can do about that.

kayoss1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

This is not due to Sony's fault. If you going to blame someone, blame Brazilian government. Games are expensive in Brazil is because they fall in the "Gambling" category. This means that anything that falls into this category will get taxed higher (i think 120%). To make up the difference due the taxes, Sony have to charge brazil higher to make up for it.
This higher tax is a burden on the company and the citizens of Brazil.

garrettbobbyferguson1256d ago

The government is to blame here. Taxes on entertainment imports are so high that hardly any of the population can afford them. Recall that one kid who paid 1,000+ USD for the Playstation 4?

This method of piracy spawned because the people who own said systems literally cannot afford them.

InTheZoneAC1256d ago Show
kayoss1254d ago

Sure, lets generalize an entire population due to a few who decided to deal in drugs.

BlackOni1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Didn't realize it was more so on the Brazilian government than Sony. Well then, South America should really reevaluate the way they conduct business! tis a shame they view video games in this manner u_u

indyman77771252d ago

@Jae_blaze06 way to show your a reasonable man! Love your last comment.

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UKmilitia1256d ago

so im assuming once done u can never go online again because then it will detect 2 of the same console.

it sucks that Sony will have to put money into fighting this instead of other areas but i will continue to support devs and buy new.

this hack isnt about homebrew its purely piracy

BlueOnBlue221256d ago

this is not a full hack of the ps4 its a way of get around the account sharing and loading 10 games on the ps4 for a price

showtimefolks1256d ago

if this is true than 2 things will happen

ps4's will sell even faster if it's possible

and software sales will decline somehow

DonkeyDoner1256d ago

look at 3ds hardware sold faster sofware not changing (eventhough it could do more)

showtimefolks1256d ago

i didn't think about that, you are right.

i fort one don't like piracy when it comes to games but i do download videos/movies online so i guess i am part of the problem too

FarEastOrient1256d ago

This is Brazil, the tariff there is so high the PS4 is sold 4x the price of the US.

carreirabr1256d ago


That's not the case with the games.

Launching titles are expensive, but you can find really great deals for PS3/PS4 games everywhere.

People who pirates will always do that, that's not about pricing. It's just a lame excuse.

Jason_Plays_PC1256d ago

The 3ds is fully hacked tho and has been for a while.

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AndrewLB1256d ago

There have been lots of studies done on software piracy and the overwhelming majority of them concluded that it has little to no effect on actual software sales. This is primarily because they just wouldn't have bought the software had there not been a way to pirate it.

When TPB was shut down in December, analysts started crunching data they received from many game retailers both digital and physical, and after two months determined that there was no perceptible uptick in game sales even though pirated games were very difficult to obtain.

Studies have also found that those who pirate software also spend on average roughly 300% more money on content than the average consumer.
Here's the actual study:

1256d ago
Magicite1256d ago

what u said is logical, look at PS2.

rainslacker1256d ago

I dunno. This is not that convenient of a hack like mod chips or usb dangles provided. It's a "service" provided by a retail store, which will likely be shut down. It becomes too much work for the casual pirate and isn't free, takes a required valid console with account.

PSP hardware sales skyrocketed with piracy, and attach rates went down initially, but eventually it leveled out, and software started selling pretty well on it.

3DS is pirated, but it's enormous install base allows it to still sell software. Same with the PS2, which was heavily pirated with a relatively easy hack.

blackout1256d ago

Sounds good but the last thing a developer wants to here about is a hacked system, that's money lost.

indyman77771252d ago

Also look at PS2 it and PS1 got hacked! They reportedly pulled away even further in sales when they got hacked.

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Clover9041256d ago

How much does shipping a console to Brazil cost? /s

T9001256d ago

If the hack is out in Brazil, it shouldnt take long before it goes global.

JAM_brz1256d ago

The hack is from Russia, not from Brazil.

Malice-Flare1256d ago

they should. nip it in the bud...