E3 2015: 10 higly anticipated games we’re just dying to see at the event

Geek Snack writes: "It’s almost that time of the year again my friends, the time when representatives from most major gaming companies take the stage in an attempt to put on a good show and convince us to buy their upcoming products. I’m talking of course about the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known this year as E3 2015. The highly anticipated event is expected to feature a lot of equally highly anticipated games, as well as many new ones that are being kept under wraps. We’re still a little over a month away from E3 2015, however, predictions and speculations have traditionally started at least one month prior to the event so in an attempt to continue this long-running tradition, I’ve compiled a list that includes some of our most highly anticipated games for 2015 and beyond."

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Kal8531258d ago

Fallout 4: Tamriel Invades. I'll be set for the next 10 years!

Minimoth1258d ago

haha never thought of a crossover before, sounds pretty interesting tho