Black Rock Shooter Developer Imageepoch Officially Bankrupt

Yet another developer succumbs to the pressures of video game industry.

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DarkOcelet1345d ago

Its really sad when Devs lose their job. Hopefully they find a job soon.

subtenko1345d ago

It is, these people create ideas, worlds, fans, memories, and so on. It's a really great thing. Any kind of developer or the arts and media with something positive makes the world better. I hope they know how appreciated they are

SweatyFlorida1345d ago

That's too bad, they made a great character, it's a shame they couldn't make a game to capture more players or appeal to a wider audience.

Game industry is risky business if you can't sell your games, or budget/manage them properly internally.

rdgneoz31345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

If you're talking about the character "Black Rock Shooter", they didn't create the character at all... They just made the PSP game based on the franchise.

"The origins of Black Rock Shooter date back to an original character illustration titled "Black Rock Shooter" by illustrator Ryohei Fuke, best known by his handle 'Huke', who posted it on his blog and the online artist community Pixiv on December 26, 2007"

It inspired a song which led to a music video. Then they made an OVA in 2009, followed by a "pilot edition" of an anime shortly after, and then an 8 episode anime in 2012. As well as manga,

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Stella Glow the last game from them. Atlus announces something of it give some update!!

I will buy it day one!!!

Arc Rise Fantasia was a great game. Luminous Arc never got the chance to play the DS games but I will in the future.

Hopefully they employees finds new places.

Someone should had bought em.

I will continue to support Japanese devs who actually NEEDS supports way way more than these greedy western devs.

KryptoniteTail1344d ago

This reminds me of Cing, one of THE best that shut down. RIP Kyle Hyde.