Short Pause Podcast #27: Splatoon; Wolfenstein Back On Top; Can Prison Of Elders Win Over Guardians?

The Short Pause crew runs a two-man game this week as they tackle all the latest news and trends happening around the video game industry.

- A member praises Machine Games for putting Wolfenstein back on top of the shooter genre thanks to both The New Order and The Old Blood
- Another member talks about why he's looking forward to the Prison of Elders more so than any other mode available in Destiny.
- The fellas talk about another head scratcher that was a Nintendo Direct, this time for Splatoon.
- Reviews for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Breach & Clear
- And much MORE!

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tazmeah2351d ago

I think it's rather silly that so many gamers are saying Prison of Elders "looks" easy or that "it sucks compared to a raid"...especially considering most gamers haven't even played it yet. I'm hoping this mode turns out great simply because more options is always a good thing, especially if they are good options!

Drithe2351d ago

I have NEVER heard anyone say that it looks easy. Everyone I know says it looks hard to play, especially the Trials of Osiris.

TheDude792351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I've read many people saying it looks easy on here (comment section tough guys) and other social media outlets, but there are those of us like you and I who see this as one hell of a challenge. I really can't wait to play both the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. We'll find out soon enough how easy - or hard - these really are. Which of those two modes are you more excited about?