Awesome Final Fantasy X PS4 Dynamic Theme "Zanarkand" Released in North America: Screenshots Inside

Looks like Square Enix did not leave western fans completely high and dry, and while they're not getting the theme for free, it has just been released on the North American PSN.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1258d ago

Looks beautiful. I'm buying it!

DragonKnight1258d ago

No matter how good the theme, I will never pay money for them. Sony won't allow us to make our own themes, and they won't be getting one red cent from me.

BitbyDeath1258d ago

Sounds like they wouldn't either way :-P

Christopher1258d ago

I agree with you DK. The cost of a new theme is pretty high considering most of them just provide a different wallpaper image. Why can't we just select our own wallpaper? Even on the PS3 we could make our own themes, but now we can't do that on PS4? I don't get it.

So, no money will be spent by me on a theme. I'll get the free ones I like, but that's it.

DragonKnight1258d ago

@BitbyDeath: True. I guess I made a redundant statement but that sometimes happens when trying to drive a point home.

@KwietStorm: You feel like wasting your money on a wallpaper, go ahead. Pardon me for not finding value in something that really should be free.

@Christopher: Exactly. Most of the dynamic themes on the PSN store are terrible to begin with, then the good ones come along and they really still don't amount to much. I've seen some truly magnificent PS3 themes that people made and they were completely free because Sony actually allowed that. They won't now because they know they can make money off of people who'll pay $3 for a wallpaper and some looped music that are pretty inferior by comparison to what has been made by the userbase on the PS3.

Travis37081258d ago

Sony said custom wallpapers where coming in an update.

Also the free PS3 themes website has a new link for PS4 themes, but they haven't updated it yet
We'll get free themes on PS4 soon.

Dagobert1258d ago

Yeah bro I like hardcore roleplaying sessions too.

Kidmyst1258d ago

So this theme is basically the menu loop? I was thinking when they said Awesome, that it's be from some of the cutscenes in the game or summoned beasts.

DragonKnight1258d ago

Congratulations. You've just been exposed to how Abriael writes stories. Whenever you see "Awesome" or "Hilarious" or whatever, check to see who submitted the story, and it will likely be Abriael and you will most likely be completely disappointed by the story.

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Agent_hitman1258d ago

And while you're reading it, please listen to it's theme as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.