Monster Strike makes $3.8 million daily — and could be Japan’s second billion-dollar mobile game

Operating profits are up 10,871 percent over last year. That’s not typo.

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ColManischewitz1345d ago

Pretty good job that Yoshiki Okamoto, the producer for Final Fight and Street Fighter II, is doing here.

JeffGrubb1345d ago

Guess you don't need a lot of success in North America if you're making that much money mostly from Japan.

Germany71345d ago

Mobile it's huge in Japan, probably worldwide.
Listening to " Sad but True", by Metallica.

SegaGamer1345d ago

This is probably why Sega is movibg towards mobile gaming now.

SegaGamer1345d ago

If it helps improve both of them in the console market then i am all for it :p

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The story is too old to be commented.