Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Dark Void

Dark Void is a new Intellectual Property being published by Capcom, on behalf of Airtight – the developers responsible for the Xbox's Crimson Skies series. The title has been gathering steam over the last few months, with information being drip-fed to the press and the same quote relating to one of the game's Boss Fights having been reproduced in practically every videogame magazine on UK shelves. But now, E3 is here, and every member of the press present will get to see how the game is progressing for themselves.
The build available at E3 is almost identical to that seen a month ago at Capcom Captivate 08 event. Playing as Will, a pilot lost in the Bermuda Triangle, the player faces an army of sentient beings known as The Watchers. The title is a combination of Third-Person combat – both on the horizontal and vertical axis – and vehicular combat.

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