Naughty Dog: 8 Bit Salute -Gaming For The Troops

Naughty Dog unveils they're now supporting 8 Bit Salute, and they're also offering some special prizes to the best donors.

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VanguardOfCalamity1258d ago

life can be hard enough without having to dodge bullets - nice that there is a way to provide a distraction for those it helps

joel011258d ago

Courage is a weird thing , it's not definitive. Even a fool can show the courage to die selflessly if there are a thousand people encouraging him but a normal person who is trying his best to keep his family floating inspite of all the problems in the world , he don't get any honor or a medal for that , no one knows his name , but even after that they are trying to survive , to take care of others..they are the real heroes to me. people should concern about them too.

ballisticvoodoo1258d ago

@joel01 The United States military is an all volunteer force. Each and every service member are "normal" people trying to keep their families afloat. Surviving, despite all of the "problems in the world". Their courage isn't weird or subjective. It's courage. It takes courage to leave your loved ones for a war zone on a 12 to 16 month rotation, putting your life on the line while people like you sit at home marginalizing there courage and sacrifice.

joel011258d ago (Edited 1258d ago ) , I ain't dissing the military or anything , I just think there are people in other fields of professions too who deserves equal if not more recognition. Heard of the Redcross ? They don't get a medal of honor when they die on the warzone trying to save people and not kill them , they get no recognition for that , how many films have you seen about them ? Nada ?..Heard of the sea sheperds ? It's a environmental group that spends almost 6 months in artic to prevent whale hunting and oh guess what they also pay for the journey from their own pockets.
and oh , for your kind information I ain't even from USA and my grandfather was a really high ranking official in the navy of my country and that was almost his own words to me . He thought navy was just like any other profession and people who are putting their lives on the line should be doing that for their love of the country not for the hope that they would earn more honor for themselves or would be seen with a higher standard of respect than the very common people they are fighting for.