PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Activision Publisher Deals

After last week only gave us deals on NBA 2K virtual currency, the PlayStation Store sales this week are better, with Activision holding an abbreviated publisher sale, and PlayStation Plus members saving a bit on Toren and Ultratron.

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xHeavYx1344d ago

Go Hawks!
And yeah, meh.

nX1344d ago

Wasn't it Activison just recently with CoD etc.? That's really meh, the least interesting publisher if you ask me.

blackblades1344d ago

You people expect awesome deals every single week, well come back to reality folks.

PhoenixUp1344d ago

What happened to the great deals? We've had to rely on Flash sales for that, ans it only happens once month

Volkama1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Once a month isn't so bad if the deals are good.

Activision sales are a waste of bandwidth just to look at, regardless of platform. They have a really warped sense of what their aging catalogue is worth.

bjshepp1344d ago

The Angry Birds games are free on the App Store. Why would anyone spend money on a console version?

DefenderOfDoom21344d ago

Duck Dynasty ? I will wait for the next sale.

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The story is too old to be commented.